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Sunday, January 24, 2021

For Readers That Would Know Military History... A Question...


I have been some getting emails and have seen postings about how up side down the current situation is.

With out going into conspiracy theories, this is one that is on the list of things that might not add up.

   Can someone with knowledge regarding these two videos answer as too whether or not they are 

the same and are following protocol for the circumstance?

I realize they are held at different venues as well.

Thank you.

 Asking for many friends.


  Check out these two videos. 

  From the descriptions, I may be wrong, but it appears they are the 21 gun salutes for the last inauguration and the current inauguration.


  1. Hazarding a guess. Those are two different events, one an inauguration with specialized choreography. The other looks like it might be a salute on Memorial Day before placing the wreath. Both are being done by the Old Guard from Ft Meyer in Arlington, and they have a variety of rules and procedures they play by.
    The 21 gun salute comes from very old military traditions and it is the number of shots that reflects the importance of the event and the seniority of the person or persons being honored.

    By the way, that can include plain old PFC Snuffy getting 21 from the honor guard at his funeral. Does not always have to be a head of state, or some foreigner.

    1. There is a difference between a 21 gun salute for a head of state, and three volleys of 7 rifleman for Private Snuffy. The three volleys are from the revolutionary and before period. At the the end of a battle a truce would be struck to remove the dead and wounded. After all the dead were removed the collecting army would fire 3 volleys to reflect all the dead have been removed from the field of honor/battle.

  2. It looks like they are doing it the same as they did for Trump leaving Amdrews.

  3. From the leftist Wikipedia, which is surprisingly accurate on things like this.


  4. Elsewhere on the web it is said that Biden got the salute for a visiting foreign dignitary: 3 guns with pauses vs 4 guns firing rapidly. There are military sites that list the # of shots for different salutes but I haven't seen a full clip of Biden's to count the shots.

  5. A sharp, meaningful salute, as opposed to a "I don't give a flying fuck, I'm just here".

  6. Wouldn't surprise me if the "salute" given Biden was kind of sloppy considering that while the top brass are going to be leftists most rank and file were NOT pleased with Obama when he infested the White House and are almost certainly just as unhappy with the prospect of working for Joe 'the diddler' Biden. So they are probably sending a little message of contempt that the history starved morons on the left won't quite get.

  7. Youtube via tampa bay channel ten header says 21 gun salute for Biden but we all the the media, "ain't to bright"

  8. Funeral salutes are at a slower, stately pace.

  9. Shame they weren't shelling the Biden White House.

  10. It's all the cost slashing they know is coming, thanks to dumbocraps. I'd save my shells too, if a commie lib got elected on my watch. Just sayin'.


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