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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The Gray Man....




 They have the controls.    For now.

There are well over 80 million of us, those who were and are paying attention,  that say they don't. 

Some quick , random thoughts:

 Spend your money at businesses that are conservative friendly. The owner at my local "pub" is like minded so I will give him more of my business.

Starve the Monkey. Minimize your spending so they don't get your taxes. Sure Amazon and Walmart and the Big Box stores are so easy to do your shopping at but try and spend a little more with owners that you know are on our side. Privately boycott those that aren't.

Turn off the TV as much as possible. Fuck 'em all. The media is the fifth column and they should, and will pay a price.

If you are called for jury duty and the defendant is accused of a crime that you might say to yourself, " I can see me doing that", then, even if they are caught red-handed, find them not guilty.

If they bring back the " I don't know what gender I am?' Then we all go piss in the ladies room.

Put rainbow stickers, BLM stickers, Go Green stickers, on your car.  Corrupt their narrative. Meanwhile, buy straws, burn stuff in your back yard, eat meat and leave your cummins diesel running all winter.

Smile and wave at Biden supporters while internally wishing for their death.

Piss off a liberal if they open their yapper by opening yours a bit a louder.

One place that needs to be inspected under a microscope is the education system. It's hard for parents that both have to work to survive while their children are being indoctrinated.  Somehow, there needs be a way to have oversite of what is being taught. This is critical.

There's hundreds of ways to fly below the radar and still be a thorn in their side.


Let us all rise to the occasion treat the new pResident the way his predecessor was treated for the last four years.




  1. A hell of a lot more than 80 million. Remember a lot of ballots were destroyed and we have the vids to prove it. Remember also 40% of this country is Conservative, so that's 133 million and another 40% is centrist, so a lot of them are on our side, which, at the very least, adds up to 200 mil.

    The Lefties are only 1/5, 66 million, and that's if they all voted.

    Privately boycott those that aren't.

    Don 't do it privately. Ram it down their throats if asked. Start will Bed Bath and remember they're trying to run Mike Lindell out of biz.

    Smile and wave at Biden supporters

    no, give them the Hell the way they did for 4 years. Ask them, "Are you crooked?" or "Were you born stupid, or did you pay for lessons?"

    Don't be nice. They weren't. They tried to run Trump out of public life and us along with him. Remember them running Sarah Huckabee out of half the restaurants in DC and VA? Polite gets you nowhere with these people.

  2. A. Deplorable on steroids.....

    I would find a way of removing Facebook Twitter Google and apple discus and any and trump hater from the comment generator. anonymous is okay to comment under but is it really????

  3. Throw sand in the machinery every chance you get.

  4. The education part is the big one (although all the ones you talk about are needed). We keep playing catch-up because we start by needing to combat 12 years of government school indoctrination (and serious under-education besides). If we can knock that leg out from the "progressives", taking back popular culture and the rest will be more within reach. Private school/home-schooling can help, but targeting the local level (school boards, etc.) to starve the beast - curriculum oversight, pushing for stronger limits on teacher unions, and others - would be a big step forward.


  5. Saw this at another site

    Don't spend red money in blue cities, not one red cent.

    TN Patriot

  6. OP Dark Skies Phase I at 80%
    Scraping FB images and posts (major pain as I need to keep account for page(s) management).
    IMacros (script kiddie stuff) in Chrome huge help and less tedious than individual deletion..
    Much easier than trying to write that Java stuff.
    The free version allows running up to 99 loops per initiation. Just hit play loop again and another 99 gone.
    FB buffer can get angry so do less than 1k per session. It locks up your timeline for a little while otherwise
    Even found method on phone app to group select posts for deleting (30/per).
    We are in the same AO and have emailed a couple times.
    OP DS Phase II is cross leveling some Biden signs for my front yard..........

  7. Why?
    Because of the two links below:

    Keep your friends close......😡

  8. And, I may need to pick up the pace.........


  9. I like it. Well, they took the education system 40 years ago ore more with the parent's silent permission. Not like it's going to be taken back now. Most of the parents support the continued communist indoctrination.

  10. I still shop at Target and Walmart - I fill my shopping cart with a bunch of small items and then just leave. It's hell on the workers, but they do get paid to put the stuff back. Heck of a waste of resources putting things back on the shelves. This is the new boycott.

    1. Nice, Gets you outta the house, little exercise.
      How could one apply this concept to amoozon?

  11. You can't "starve the monkey" when the monkey owns the machinery to PRINT MONEY. And that monkey owns the machinery to drive every unfriendly business into bankruptcy, to cost anyone opposing them their jobs, to STARVE the opposition to death. We aren't voting, protesting, boycotting, suing or chest thumping our way off the road to hell the left has us on. It is now hunting season. No limits, no license needed and the season is indefinite. The left intends to turn DC into the Imperial Capital and America into PanEm. And if they aren't PHYSICALLY stopped that is what will happen.

  12. One need not have children in the system to participate in the structuring, business and curriculum associated with a BaseD education. Indoctrination centers do not as a rule teach life skills and fundamentals. Civics, personal finance, faith.

    City meetings should be filled with BaseD constituents, I do mean filled. Create a phone tree, car pool, use the church bus. Lot of legislation hitting the floors, lets make it ours instead of theirs. We the people remember? Mobilize, get active, run your country.
    Speaking of Church, Wilderness Life USA has a rite of passage program. Our men need revival and our
    boys need a guided path to Faith BaseD Manhood/Leadership. Consider adding a program like this to your Church.
    Don't waste time, start today. Go to your state capitol not with g-uns but with Pots and Pans 24/7, all 50 a united thunder.

    Listen to what they say, listen very carefully - not everyone is going into the "new world". A great purge is beginning, you know how far it can go. Jab to Slab. Don't waste time, start today. Don't think someone else'l do it, we need everyone doing it. Waiting is for the weak, inaction is for the dead.

  13. They worship democracy, so give 'em all the Irish democracy they can handle and then some.


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