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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Interesting Documentary from across the pond...


 I've spent some time fast forwarding and watching various sections of this. Tonight I will replay it if it's still up. Irish.


Wake-up call - what is happening




Rumble Here's a fantastic new factual documentary that we've produced, investigating claims that global elites have orchestrated the pandemic and what their motives might be.

Described as "a brilliant compilation of what’s happened, what’s happening and what’s about to happen… leaving us with a serious wake up call."

So grab a cuppa and get comfortable because this 50 minute film takes you on a powerful journey that test your emotions to the limit.


  1. The Rumble link goes to their main page...what is the direct link to the video you're recommending?

    1. Click on the "Wake-up Call...." it is the link.

    2. It works. Push play on the video.

    3. Can't find it. I even put wake up call in the search engine. Nada, nothing in teh 50 min category

    4. Try this


      It worked for me 4am est

    5. That got 'er done. Thanks Irish.

      Somewhere Behind Enemy Lines
      Peoples Republik of Kommiefornia

  2. The American news (Ha) has failed the citizens again. There are things happening all over the world that are not being reported. Lots of new governments being formed around the world.

  3. I hope and pray for another Carrington Event, but worldwide this time. How else to stop this madness? Remember what the Bible says in Matthew 7:24-27. Sand(silicon) is the key component of computers.

  4. ...if you want some perspective on the "occupation on DC, watch Tucker's monologue from last night:



  5. Interesting. Who benefits from an economic reset, really? I mean, that's what it's really about, right? When is the last time the "common man" benefited from any major "economic reset"? ;) Happy Tuesday!

  6. How about posting something on Robert E. Lee on his birthday today? Hybo

  7. Everyone should watch this. It is frightening. How could this be something that was not planned?

  8. I have always felt, and am more convinced than ever, that this man made virus, blown completely out of proportion by a lying media (redundancy) was a planned event. From the start I have called it the Get Trump virus and apparently it is even way bigger than just our Communist (they call themselves Democrats for the S4B's) takeover via a totally fraudulent election.

  9. I've been saying this is a vast, left-wing plot with the democrats & chinese for a long time now.
    Looks like someone else finally figured it out too.


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