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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Just A Word Of Caution, Many Of You Will Not Need Viagara After Viewing This....




 I posted a picture of this little modified rail car and reader Mark was kind enough to send 

along a link to that video. Enjoy.


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That was cool!
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  1. Nope, no viagara needed.

  2. Wheels Through Time in Maggie Valley, NC is an awesome place. Plan on spending the entire day there. Most of the things they have start and run. Last time I was there Dale took me for a ride in a '43 Indian side car rig. What a blast. He was flying the side car around the parking lot with me. Great highlight for that trip!

    1. Absolutely true, I spent nearly a full day there, worth the trip. It's some what near Tail of the Dragon, another full day trip

    2. I live in Waynesville, about 5 miles from Wheels Through Time and you are both correct - awesome place and you can spend all day there. But I wouldn't go flying around that parking lot too much - you might end up in Jonathan Creek with the ducks and trout. Parking lot is usually full of Harleys. Sad to see the gate closed this past year. Rumor has it that it's for sale.

  3. They have one vehicle made from a fighter jet wing tank that was featured on American Pickers I believe.


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