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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Thank You...




Thank you to those that are in Washington at the Stop the Steal MAGA rally.

You are representing so many many tens of thousands of us that aren't there. 

This whole shit show is approaching a fork in the road and once the direction is

known there will be no turning back. I would like to think that there are still 

honorable men that know they need to make the right decisions. The time is upon 

them now to act.


Again, Thank you to the attendees.

Stay safe,





  1. Any coincidence that a lot of people , like myself, are prohibited to travel? I can't leave New England without quarantining for 14 days as a condition of employment.

    Maybe we can buy these participants a round of beer somehow?

  2. They had a couple of bus loads headed that way from my area here on the shores of Lake Michigan, here in West Michigan. They were charging 170$ each, but that would be the best way to go to a huge protest like that. I just hope that the Democrats take note of the very large number of people willing to take time out of their lives and go to D.C. and allow their displeasure to be seen. It probably won't matter to our new overlords, but I hope it gives pause to some of the Democrats who still possess half a brain. There are millions of conservatives out in American who are very displeased with a stolen election. At this point the actual outcome of the election is not as important as the fact that the Democrats are so willing to so openly cheat.


  3. I think with the Georgia losses last night- we can just about stick a fork in this thing. Sometimes the fastest horse does not get to the finish line first. I think we are seeing this disaster play out in real time.

  4. Republics always start out as republics and move to democracies, democracies always fail and become Totalitarian governments - In history democracies have, at best, lasted about 200 years before becoming a form of totalitarian government. In the US we started about 1870's or so, looks like we're not making it 200 years. RIP.

  5. Sauce ,,,,meet gander.No Wendy’s around .

  6. burn down the whole city. make it look like d.c. of 1812.


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