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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

This Didn't Age Well... He was Right...


 I was looking for information on when "mail in voting" first hit during the start of the "pandemic"

If my memory serves me the Dems were talking about MIV in March or April.  I remarked back then

that his was the plan all along. Flatten the curve, stay home, stay home longer... loooonger... oh

noes we need mail in voting so no one will get sick.  Here's an article I found from August over 2 

months before the election:


 In the face of contradictory messages coming from members of his own party, members of the U.S. intelligence community and even a member of his own family, President Trump continues his months-long campaign against efforts to expand voting by mail amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"The fraud and abuse will be an embarrassment to our Country," Trump tweeted Wednesday.

On Monday, he claimed without evidence that mail ballots may purposely be manipulated to be sent to Democratic areas and not Republican areas. And on Sunday, he decried a system of ballot return that the federal government calls "secure and convenient" in official documents.

AUGUST 28th 2020 <<< LINK


  1. Anybody with a functioning brain and an IQ higher than that of Joe and the Ho (combined) saw this was a vote fraud scheme and Trump's brain functions a lot better than mine.

    And he's 2 years older than me.

  2. Everyone with the IQ or toast could see this coming and knows what happened. The left quite simply DOES NOT CARE that we know they committed fraud on a monumental scale. Because before committing this massive conspiratorial crime they spent DECADES infiltrating the media, academia, the judiciary and EVERY Federal agency tasked with law enforcement of ANY TYPE. This insured that no matter HOW MUCH evidence was available NOBODY was ever going to do anything about it. And guess what....IT WORKED.

  3. Start arresting pole officials. I bet they would start talking letting everything be known.

  4. Dan speaks the Truth.
    Time for tall trees and short ropes!

  5. This actually started two years ago.


    Granted, this has been used for a long time, but for this discussion, only the last two years are important.


  6. ...and lest we forget, EO 13848, which was... about 2 years ago...

    Time to drop the hammer, President Trump!

  7. ...and then there's the NH vote. Note that the ballot listing the Presidential choices are at the top of the ballot. All the rest of the STATE candidates listed on the ballot are BELOW the presidential candidates on the ballot. I don't know if that is the same in every state, but that's the way the NH ballot had the candidates listed.

    So, in the final tally, NH voters re-elected a Republican governor; flipped control of the State Senate, the State House of Representatives and the Executive council from Demonrat to Republican. Yet all of these voters supposedly voted for Biden/Harris right at the top of the ballot while all of the rest of the candidates are listed BELOW the Presidential candidates.

    ...and I'm the only person I've seen on all of the blogs and news sites that I visit on a daily basis that is calling this fraud out. I've written to the Governor asking for an investigation, to no avail.

    Now, in recent past elections, including the one on 2016 which flipped all of the above elective state government organizations to Demonrat except for Governor, the shift was blamed on the "out of state college student vote".

    So, with all of the colleges providing on line learning ONLY during this election cycle, in other words the students are NOT PRESENT on campus but are attending lectures etc. FROM HOME, i.e. in their HOME STATES, how is that Biden/Harris won the Presidential election in New Hampshire?

    oh, did I tell you about this bridge that I've got...


  8. Biden won 400 and some counties....and out of those counties he garnered 81 million votes....right....and Hunter didn't do coke, either....

  9. Read Dennis Prager's latest column. Right on the mark. Apathy has definitely set in.

  10. FWIW,

    Y'all will remember in the run-up there were constant shouts of "There's never been any evidence of mail in voter fraud ever!" with echos of similar emanating from the FBI as well as from 'worker drones' at DoJ itself?

    Oh how they forget:



    That first link would be hilarious reading (bribing voters with promises of chicken dinners and or pints of vodka/whiskey) if how this whole process hadn't been 'updated & improved' for the November 2019 process.

    Incidentally - all individuals indicted subsequently entered guilty pleas and a couple of area postmasters decided in the aftermath that '[I]t appears to be a propitious time to retire' and before the very soon to be freshly elected ex Congressman Hudson Hallum could get his pants on to stand before the Judge, did so retire.

    Of course it would seem that 'forgotten history' doesn't matter now.


  11. Yeah; and California's village idiot, Newsom, ordered mail-in ballots to be sent out to every registered voter. He was later told that he had broken the law in doing so. ...Absolutely NOTHING was done about it...

    ...The election just became a total joke. TPTB don't even TRY to hide their corruption anymore. Welcome to the Third World, amigos...

    1. In Michigan, our Sec.of State, Jocelyn Benson,the Democrat,did the same thing, sent mail in ballots out to every registered voter. Plus she and the Empress of Lansing,Gretchen Whitless, broke the law,and the constitution, article 2 section 2, that holds the legislature accountable for all election decisions. Instead,those two made changes because of " the pandemic", as if that makes it alright to go against the constitution. I hope that it costs them dearly.



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