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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Watch it ALL before it is taken down by the censors.


H/T to Bob in KY


  1. Wow the new America it's 1984....

  2. Love the picture of the scorched Capitol. Ever thought about putting it on a 5x7" postcard and selling it? You'd get rich. I'd buy a couple dozen to send to my most hated and despised Congress Rats.

  3. Heh, You can not stop the signal Mal.


  4. The problem that is going on is many people are coming out with videos and many well known conservatives are saying they believe there was election fraud but everyone is looking to Trump to do something. What is Trump going to do exactly? His power is gone, his political capital is spent, and the well known conservatives seem to just be talking, no one is saying this is what we have to do because the governments not going to do anything. What will most likely happen is all of this is going to slowly fade away because no one is doing anything!

  5. I don't know if McInerny is a nut or not, but this video only has 3000 views. The point is that we're being throttled, and it doesn't matter whether we have the truth or not.

  6. I've got that interview video captured. It can be reuploaded at will.

  7. Everybody grab as much video/audio/text as you can over the next couple of days. Go to your local computer store and grab a Passport or other external storage device, and start loading it up.

    Can't stop the signal.

  8. Everybody grab as much audio/video/text as you can for the next week or two. Go to your local computer store or even Office Depot and get an external storage device, 2Terabytes if you can afford it. Start grabbing everything that my interest you or evaporate when sites are removed from DNS servers...

    Can't stop the signal!

  9. Heh...
    I've been saving anything and everything for over 2 decades.
    You'd spend the rest if your lives going through it all.
    I'm surprised the Clintons and CIA haven't taken me out yet ☺


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