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Monday, November 23, 2020

Where Are They and the Warming Cold Anger..


  Some things I'm noticing.

Preface:  Spending time surfing the various social media sites I am noticing that the percentage of cold-anger (go read that from 2015) manifesting itself into warming, if not hot anger, is increasing.

For the sake of playing along, there's 168 hours in a week. I work full-time and have a home and social life. I will spend time surfing outside of those commitments. Insomnia sometimes lets me add more hours of course.  Let's go with 10% of my time as an average. I have this blog as well as non-deplumes on the other platforms. Those are so I can lurk and troll libtards. Given that estimate and the gathering of FFF data, the percentage of time spent reading, sharing and watching information is, percentage wise, small compared to others that do this for a living.  

So, my point is, given my limited time I come across more and more of these types of posts:

Recently I posted THIS GUY<< 

Last night I posted  THIS ONE<<   

Tina,is on my twitter feed (careful she can make a drill sergeant wince)  



More salty language

There are hundreds and hundreds more and not just in the US



 People are frustrated and angry. I myself have pondered " Where are the good guys?" "Is our American Justice System so totally corrupt and infested that nothing will be done?" I would like to believe that things are happening behind the scenes and maybe, just maybe, we will see it all exposed.

Which leads me to this final link that I saw earlier this morning over at League of Outlaw Bloggers.

Is Q real? Are there good people working behind the scenes? Hope is a very powerful force. One thing I do know is Trump has given the people hope which has led to the prying open of pandoras box. What comes out of it will have to wait to be seen.



 God help us if this becomes true<<<


  1. A lot of people are getting bitch slapped into reality. They are learning an ugly truth. We have only ONE POLITICAL PARTY in America.....the JANUS party. And that party has TWO FACES. One the face of brain dead cowards and the other the face of PURE EVIL. Hordes of Americans are now realizing that everything they thought was truth has been a LIE.....a decades long charade. And they are feeling a LOT of emotions over that discovery....and one of those emotions is RAGE.

  2. In my day to day ponderings......I usually come up with legit thoughts. Legit in the way that eventually history will prove those thoughts correct.
    You have just expressed my personal thought/belief that folks are truly pissed. They are so aware of the corruption that has gone on, they are not willing to just "settle down".
    I am beginning to see more and more of the silent majority saying words and phrases that show a change in their attitude. A change to the "cold" anger.
    I for one don't care when or where the evilness in this country started. What I am concerned with is the continuation and the length of time it has taken to get to this point. That is unreal. The generational process of this evil way of thinking is astounding.
    All I can say is, it is seemingly unhuman the way the evil has persevered through the generations.

  3. " Where are the good guys?" "Is our American Justice System so totally corrupt and infested that nothing will be done? YES

    I am sure things are happening behind the scene just as they have been all along. Is Hillary still walking free?

    If the fraudsters thought their effort was not going to be rewarded there would be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

  4. Irish - We have not had a "justice system" in America for a long, long time.
    We saw with the O J trial that whoever put together the better legal team (has the most money) wins in court.
    With B J & Hi LIAR y, we saw that whoever has the most power does not even get indicted.
    With 0bama, Comey, Brennan, et al, we saw that whoever has the bureaucracy on their side does not even get investigated.

    Somewhere along the way, we transitioned from a Justice system to a Judicial system and it is run by lawyers, some wearing black robes.

    TN Patriot

    1. "We saw with the O J trial that whoever put together the better legal team (has the most money) wins in court. "

      Enh, district attorneys get used to beating up on mostly helpless targets. The people they prosecute don't usually have much in the way of resources, so they can be steamrolled fairly easily. So, on the rare occasions that the playing field is equal or tilted against them because of a wealthy/powerful defendant, their winning percentage takes a beating.

      The Feds, who have much, much greater resources to throw into a trial, fare much better against the wealthy/powerful.

  5. So, I wonder how the pollsters became so stupid the last few elections. Could it possibly be they accurately determined the vote for Trump, while releasing data in favor of the Democrats...then used the accurate data to determine how many votes to fake?

    1. Yep. Indiana 2018 was a dry run. Media hyped a landslide for D incumbent Sen. Donnelly. Which everyone knew was not going to happen .

      Election day, and 2 counties, Lake (Gary) and Marion (Indianapolis) froze the count at 25%. Once the rest of the counties got to 100%, and they realized there were not enough votes in those two counties to steal the election, they reported the 2/3 D vote. Probably true for Marion, probaby not for Lake.

      But lessons learned. Figure out how to switch a few votes here and there that dont affect the local races, and you make it so the real fraud districts don't have to claim more votes than voters.

  6. I concur Irish. I too lurk in many corners. It used to be the extreme post suggesting "something needs doing"... and even here, the tone is now git 'er done.
    More and more people are talking about invoking rule 308 on some people.... and being encouraged to invoke it. The time for trials is over, mostly. Pull the trigger on these power mad tin pot dictators and turn their coconuts inside out, live on the tee vee, preferably.
    Yes, that time is coming. Its nearly here, I wager: they appear to be taking this election issue to the end.
    Now, if it goes down, you've got a hot war. Just about can guarantee that. If it goes to the Court, and the Supremes turn it over, the left, MSM, et. al., will go b0nkers... dunno what thats gonna look like, but I'd wager the summer riots on steroids: which will get the Kyle Rittenhouse in us all boiling over, and you got yourself a hot war.
    In other words, buckle up kiddo's, here it comes!

  7. if q is real, he had better get the lead out of his ass. times about up.

    too many of our side used Q as an excuse to sit on their hands. do nothing. it's all being taken care of.

    I think that may have been the point. a modern version of the Special Forces Resister newsletter. something to occupy people so they don't actually do anything, because they think someone else is already doing it.

  8. "Trump has given the people hope which has led to the prying open of pandoras box"

    Not to be pedantic, but in Greek mythology hope was the only thing left in Pandora's Box after she opened it and unleashed all manner of evils. Had she not closed the box in time to keep hope in, it would have been destroyed. So, uh, I hope you are very, very wrong in this instance.

  9. As i agree with the problem in the video, I'm having a problem believing there are good guys going to save the US or the world. I watched "Hidden Agenda - 2017" on Amazon Prime, yes I still have Amazon but we're cutting back. Anyways the documentary is long and sometime dry but it show how we have been infiltrated for over half a century with presidents like FDR, Truman and yes JFK that have accepted communist into their cabinets. It shows who the US gave the Russians the know how in making WMDs after WWII. You notice how they showed Mattis as a good guy. Have you seen what he has said this week. We are on the verge of losing our country and there won't be anyone or any country to save us.

  10. Keep posting and commenting here about your anger at what is going on, it is like sitting in CIA or NSA headquarters and TELLING them YOU are a rebel and what your plans are! The internet and EVERYTHING on it and connected to it is a "honey pot" for the "deep state" all of you are now identified and tagged!

    1. AMEN Brother! AaaaaaaMen.
      Be invisable,,across the board

  11. No One or Ones are going to “Save US”

    The Comunists Won this and have stacked the Odds in there favor of Governing Nationaly, forever.

    They are Empowered and Moving forward.
    And most if not all will just ride it like a Seagull on the water...Fuck You!!!

    Be Prepared too
    Be cold
    A STFU

    The Coming headlines will have words such as Domestic Terrorist, White Supremecist, White Nationalist, Republican(S), Militia, Racists,,etc etc.....etc.

    They Are NOT.
    They will need our help
    Think Underground Railroad

    I am a thorn

  12. The emotional male caller from Georgia who called into the Rush Limbaugh program last Friday(?) was mistaken when he said none of the Georgia Republicans showed up at the Million MAGA Rally: firebrand Congresswoman-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene gave a short speech to the crowd. She's an outspoken Second Amendment supporter and very Pro-Trump.


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