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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Damn, Don't Hold Back..... Cold Anger Getting Warmer....








Is This How You Feel?
Hell Yes!
That dude has read my mind!!!


  1. Well, I'm not for all the swear words, but the sentiment is certainly with this guy!

  2. Hell YES!!! That's exactly how I feel! That's also why I fear for our future. Because, when they finally push far enough to crack the lid on the jar, they are going to unleash a torrent of pent up rage from the right the likes of which they have never seen.

  3. There is one no vote, appears the trolls are lurking.

    He is accurate, of course, the "R" have been silent for many years, deliberately, because they are no different from the rats, except for designator, with no exceptions.

  4. Love seeing this and others of their persuasion and HELL YES HE READ MY MIND, but they are sociopaths look it up but they need to wake up this rage will get worse and they are sociopaths.

  5. Fukken A.

    Been saying it for years, repubs are useless but the dems are pure evil. What a choice.

  6. The Republicans have been as useless in this fight as a bucket of KFC Extra Crispy in a cock fight.

  7. The Republicans have been as useless and hopeless as a bucket of KFC Extra Crispy in a cock fight.

  8. Don't know what "rate limited" on Twitter means, but I am done with them.

  9. This man speaks for me. Bless him.

  10. what is this guy, some little boy throwing a tantrum? While I agree that the "Political class" which encompasses both parties has abandoned any semblance of loyalty to citizens of this country do people really understand what it would take to dislodge them from their perch? It would be a conflict that this tantrum thrower and very few on here or anywhere else would have the ability or stomach to actually achieve! If all people have a stomach for is belly aching on social media, here is a wake up call: You are not going to get anything done!

    Secondly even if there were some who were ready to take it beyond social media, are they really ready and prepared to take on the U.S. Government, Intelligence agencies, special ops etc! Not to mention that even talking about this on social media is a "honeypot" for the deep state to tag and track every single person who shows sympathy and support for any form of resistance to a very well entrenched globalist deep state!

    1. I have heard your line of thought for one hell of a long time,now,and all it gets done is to pacify those who are on the fence as far as getting up and actually doing something. A little boy temper tantrum? Is that what the founding fathers did, throw a temper tantrum? Sometimes, the people who are in power become so drunk with that power, it forces people to throw that temper tantrum, and to actually stand up for their God given rights, and to fight for them, if need be. People like you either are trying to quell the righteous anger of a people who have been wronged, or you are just a troll, seeking to stir a pot, to see what if you can force someone to commit an illegal act, either by actually acting out, or through conspiracy to discuss that act. Am I considering any action against the government or looking for others to do so? Of course not. That would be pointless, and illegal. Just saying that it is something that has happened before in the history of America.



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