Thursday, November 19, 2020



This short clip came from a japanese twitter account ( which seems to be pro-trump)*. It was linked in one of the comment threads about the fraud vote. 

I don't have time to substantiate it FWIW. Watch the Georgia numbers.

* screen shot and translation of one post


  1. That election stinks to high heaven, and I can smell it all the way up here in Canada.

    I want to take this opportunity to scold some elderly boomer types that have been appearing recently, conceding the thing to Biden and saying that "I have not personally seen any real conclusive proof of voter fraud..."

    Look, you senile old farts: get off Twitter, Facebook and OyTube! There's all kinds of videotapes, whistle blowers, and pics showing these slobs clearly breaking the law! I am an old fart too - and this kind of ignorance from our side is unacceptable! You need to get on Alt Tech at some point. Gab is good, Parler is supposed to be okay, and OyTube can be borked with Rumble and Bitchute.

    Concede NOTHING.


  2. Joe Biden and the STILL tells us to UNITE and to HEAL– — as their Poster Child Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls for making a lists of people they intend to destroy, treating Trump and his supporters as if they were Domestic Terrorists and wishing death to all his family. And calling us Republicans “Sycophants”…
    This is exactly what was done in the 20th century in the United States it was called a BLACKLIST denying employment to professionals believed to be Communists sympathizers. They were also denied employment because of their beliefs.

    So let me tell you now, NOW that our current President t is trying to exercise his right to question a RIGGED election, If anyone thinks with Biden’s winning that the Left intend to forgive and forget, to heal and unite, they are a fool—- people forget why they voted for Trump four years ago, and with Biden and Harris, they think that all of a sudden their going to Change the way that those animals in the streets were beating up old ladies and destroying, and upsetting a peaceful demonstration!. The Only Healing and Uniting the Left intend is for you to accept Biden’s winning and MOVE ON, forget any hope of living without them running your life, and that even if you WANTED to Unite and Heal, THEY WON’T LET YOU “UNITE” they want these riots, and Protests. They want the economy to tank .And they want you to believe that it all Trump’s fault.
    I was glued to to the TV the other night. Why? Not because I wanted to watch Dancing with the Stars, or some stupid “Funny Video” about Cats, and people falling…. No, but because of all the violence I saw in DC when the Sun when down, and Night fell that night. I saw almost every video that was posted, whether of couples and parents with children or of minorities and elderly people being attacked, and Sucker Punched, by JOE BIDEN’S SUPPORTERS. All innocent people who came to protest a Stolen Election. I watched as nobody on the left condemned this behavior. I watched as law enforcement did literally nothing to stop the violence, instead, the Mayor’s, and Governors of these States let their States, and our nation’s capital become a hellhole.
    With Antifa, marching around Shouting that “America was NEVER Great”!

  3. You'd best believe the majority of Japanese want DJT to win, the alternative would be hell on them!

  4. d this from Hal Turner website...
    truly beautiful!

  5. Here's the actual tweet:

    It links to this:

    [Breaking news] Trump reelection support demo will be held in Japan! (Poster image available)
    It seems that Trump reelection support demonstrations will be held not only in the United States but also in Japan. It will be held at Hibiya Park on November 20th. The poster image is also uploaded and the quality is quite high. However, Trumpians, who prioritize the United States, are surprisingly opposed as interfering with domestic affairs. Kuroi: Personally, I don't think there is any problem if you just do a demo in Japan.

  6. You could tell this election was going to be a fraud, when they forced mail ballots on everyone. Some people need to get jail time for rigging the election. Don't give up Donald!


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