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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Vintage Tools.. and the stories they could tell.


 A few weeks ago I saw this post at CW's place<<<  of this vintage Snap-On set. Scrolling through the webz this morning I happened across it while I was on farcebook.  I did a little searching and ended up:


  These include a few more images.


Maybe they belonged to someone's Grandma?







  1. The gal is a cleaned up version of our local mechanica, one "Dirty Dora", who was a fixture at the local beer joint some 40 years ago. She had perfected 4 letter lingo to a science.

  2. Hey Irish;

    When Snap-on actually made their shit in the United States....and it worked and was dang near indestructible.

  3. Snap-ons first pin-up girl!!! grayman


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