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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Covfefe and Rabbit Holes.... Subversion and Fractionation... and the creation of a "New Normal"*


 Surfing this morning also had me happen upon this quote by Yuri Bezmenov.

and this one, which has us approaching the third stage.


In similar image suggestions there was this screenshot. Quite fitting, correct?

Obviously, it's a youtube video and I tried to track it down. From what I can gather the account has been taken down.

So, I started some searches based on the various keywords and found this video. 


PsyOps! How to brainwash a nation and create a new normal (“fractionation” technique explained)

From youtuber Richard the creator of the video "Fractionation: The slow creep into a new state of getting things done."

* now where have I heard or seen that before???


  1. Here's a link. Yuri comes on about 1:56


  2. It's gonna work because 85% of people are emotional-reacting sheep.

    1. Half 0f the 15% remaining is 7.5%. 300,000,000 people 7.5% that's 22,500,000. Should be enough even if only 20% of us are resolved to the issue.

  3. I had no idea how gutless Americans have become until I watched the mass submission to the masks.

  4. here is another one on Yuri


  5. That is what is exactly going on. I came across Yuri's video many years ago.

    1. It may not be obvious in some of the vids, but those are from 1984. We've had 40 more years of it and it seems we are in crisis stage.


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