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Monday, November 16, 2020

Sunday Night Information Overload.. Popcorn Futures Through The Roof... You're Gonna Need More Coffee/Ammo... Connect The Dots....


 Lot's of links and information and rabbit holes traveled last night. The work bell rings soon so I'll post links and some notes of things that are coming to see the disinfecting light of day. I guess we will have to wait and see if anything will be done about it.

Give yourself some time to watch the videos all the way through. They are worth it.

Leigh forwarded this one from NinetyMiles.  Bill Whittle is on fire <<<  


Next up is a stop over at Phil's place. If you haven't heard this lawyer discuss Trump's executive order from 2018 then it's a must view. 

After that check out the two posts on his site previous to this one:


 Let's Get Ya Up To Speed Here <<< Bustednuckles  


Leigh also sent a link to this post from theirishsavant.

  It's bullet points so I'll post it in full with a h/t to theirishsavant and whoever commented on zerohedge.

Saturday, 14 November 2020<<<< LINK

Peak corruption

 This from a comment on Zero Hedge (which I've checked as far as possible) shows the almost inextricable pervasiveness of the Swamp/Deep State hydra. What hope have ordinary patriotic Americans?

Dominion (voting machines) serves 40% of the US market. It is in 30 states.
- The state of Texas rejected the machines.
- Smartmatic entered into an agreement with Dominion in 2009
- Smartmatic is connected to Philippine voter fraud
- Smartmatic is run by Lord Mark Malloch Brown who works for George Soros.
- Brown chairs the Boards of a number of non-profit boards including the Open Society Foundation,
- Brown chairs the Centre for Global Development.
- Open society of course is owned by George Soros

- Guess who owns Dominion? Blum Capital Partners, L.P. **
- Guess who is on the board for the company? Richard C. Blum. **
- Richard C. Blum is husband to Dianne Feinstein. ***
- Nancy Pelosi's husband is also an investor
- An aide to Nancy Pelosi, Nadeam Elshami, was hired by the Dominion Voting Systems
- Dominion Voting Systems is literally listed on the Clinton Foundation website.
- "The DELIAN Project: Democracy through Technology" is the title of the page.

- Georgia Governor Kemp purchased machines after Texas and Florida rejected
- Dominion Voting has a lobbyist name Jared Thomas
- Jared Thomas was Governor Brian Kemp’s chief of staff and press secretary from 2012 to 2015
- You must remember the Feinstein-Kavanaugh-Soros connections to understand the depth
- Debra Katz (Christine Ford's lawyer) worked for George-Soros at the Open Society Foundation.
- Debra Katz (Christine Ford's lawyer) also worked at Project on Government Oversight (POGO).
- POGO is funded by Soros’s Open Society Foundation.
- POGO is the the co-signer of the letter Diane Feinstein had on Kavanaugh.
- Kamala Harris did not prosecute OneWest Bank for their fraud
- Soros owned OneWest Bank. 


Next Up

Information on Dominion<<<<< 



Next up

Raid on scytl??<<  



     Here's a recap of the last bit from the Whittle video:







  1. Yes....TONS of facts and evidence. ALL of it showing the almost complete totality of corruption in the system we use to elect politicians. And NOTHING will come of it. Georgia is going to "recount" the votes there by hand.
    The 800# gorilla being the SAME PEOPLE who ran the FIRST count will be doing the SECOND count. Lawsuits aplenty have been filed. So far two of the earliest suits, one in Nevada and another in Wayne County Michigan have been summarily dismissed. Expect this to be the typical outcome of the legal efforts. In short the left has committed fraud on an epic scale and done it so blatant a fashion as to make Uncle Joe Stalin and Mao both blush. And NOTHING WILL BE DONE ABOUT IT.

    1. The Third most pivotal event in US history is unfolding.......

    2. Gawd, you have no idea how much I hope you are right. Truly, I do..
      But after watching malfeasancevand crime run rampant through politics with ZERO consequences, I'm with Dan.
      Call me when cankles does her perp walk in the orange pant suit and matching wrist and ankle bracelets. Short of that, yaaaawn.....

    3. the problem with getting clinton to do a perp walk is..find enough agents that won't throw the case for a promise of a lifetime job at the clinton foundation. not gonna happen.

      when the cops and the criminals are on the same team, good luck getting justice....

  2. Add VA to the list of states with some hanky pank going on.

    Unless you can explain negative vote totals and fractional votes.

  3. Durham = Zero indictments. Worried about Biden retaliation.

  4. Watch the video with the blonde. She's hard to listen to, but she's quoting https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-imposing-certain-sanctions-event-foreign-interference-united-states-election/
    And it's been in effect since 2018. Fun times ahead...if someone actually pays attention to rules and laws.
    I am not holding my breath for any of it, or anything of note happening.
    I'd also love to be told 'see...I told you it would work out'.

  5. Thanks for this info!!!!!! I will be passing it around to all my fellow Patriots!!!

  6. Might want to wait a bit before passing this around. The Dominion stuff is mostly debunked, and the the points that aren't leave out information that also makes them irrelevant. You can look at the 13F of any investment company and see what they've bought/sold in any quarter and unless Blum bought Dominion in the 4th Quarter 2020 Blum has never owned them. They're majority owned by Staple Street Capital and a bunch of pension funds in Canada. Now you can go down the Staple Street Capital rabbit hole too, and to be 100% honest there's some really interesting stuff with their history with Carlyle Group's investment activities with Bin Laden while run by a bunch of George Bush appointees - and bizarrely on 9/11 Bin Laden's 1/2 brother was meeting with them in Washington.

    Regarding Nadeam Elshami, and you didn't even need to go to Jared Thomas because Brian Kemp himself is a lobbyist for Brownstein Hyatt (I used to work for the company that merged with them several mergers back). Problem there is a few things. Once you leave politics you almost always go into the lobbying industry because of the connections you have, and on the Dominion project would be both democrat and republican representation. The democrat experienced ones lobbying the dem side, the republican ones lobbying the reps. Here's a whole list of who was on that project (again, has to be public knowledge just like a 13F for investment funds. https://projects.propublica.org/represent/lobbying/301020287

    The funny thing is actually how horrible of an investor Blum seems to be, check out his return vs. anything, he's got to be in the bottom 5%. Also, what's super odd is the dems have been at odds with Devos and her desire to fund these really questionable on-line colleges and many of Blums investments are in those colleges (companies.)

    1. Thanks For your replies G Jetson I will take a look at the information that you’ve posted here it’s very interesting. For whatever it’s worth I think that sooner or later this is all going to come down to a big shit show and the regular people are gonna lose. I hope that isn’t true but that’s what it seems to be heading towards. Thanks as always for stopping in and commenting.

    2. The problem with what you posted is that it's mostly irrelevant. The fact is, Smartmatic/Dominion were designed from the get go for vote fraud. It was used in every Venezuela election since 2000. It was used in one election in the Philippines, but they got caught out and they were after some of the officers of the company. There is plenty of evidence that the system was used for vote fraud in every state that uses the system. That's all that counts.

      Your post is the only post I've seen that asserts the connections have been debunked.

    3. Smartmatic and Dominion or competing companies: https://www.smartmatic.com/us/media/article/smartmatic-s-response-to-misinformation/, https://www.dominionvoting.com/

      I get it, I'm not going to try to convince anyone there wasn't voting fraud, but a lot of what you wrote was from facebook posts, etc... asserting voting fraud, I'm waiting to see evidence. Dominion does say that in one county in MI the clerk did not update the software and then mis-reported the results because of it. I could go into how these work, and how that error would have been made, because the systems are not on-line they are communicated via human and then confirmed via data once the drives are physically shipped. It is, of course, very easy to identify what version of software the machines were using to ensure that it didn't happen somewhere else.

      There's never going to be actual hard evidence other than finding ballots from dead people that will not amount to much though and I bet would be found for both sides dems and reps.

      Regardless, had Trump won he'd have asserted it was fair election, and without him winning would have asserted cheating... it's his MO. For the record I'm not a lib nor did I vote for Biden.

      Problem is if there was cheating why was it only for the office of the President? The Dems desperately need the Senate to be able to do anything. I know plenty of people that voted Rep but didn't vote for Pres because they just don't like Trump as a person. They didn't care who the Pres was, just wanted to make sure if it was Biden he couldn't do anything.

  7. Also, there's a "gotcha" on zinger on the list there that I think most people have swept under the rug:

    - Kamala Harris did not prosecute OneWest Bank for their fraud
    - Soros owned OneWest Bank.

    OneWest is probably one of the shadiest (gray area legal asshats of a company). They were foreclosing on houses they purposefully were not collecting mortgage payments on. They would furlough mortgages then foreclose, took advantage of a lot of old people that didn't know any better... pure trash company.

    OneWest Bank was founded/chaired and it's CEO (before it was sold for +3 billion to CIT Group) was Steve Mnunchin (current Sec of the Treasury) and you guessed it, George Soros was one of his partners.

    They came in during the housing crisis and bought up a shit-ton of mortgages, and foreclosed on many of them. The reason for the foreclosures were often the fault of OneWest itself, not the occupants. They did a whole bunch of shady shit with the foreclosures... so question is, why did Trump put Mnunchin in the position if it's VERY public knowledge that one of his primary business partners is George Soros? He would have known that, anyone that knows anything about OneWest knows that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OneWest_Bank

    Not only that but Soros and Mnunchin's connections just don't cross with OneWest, Mnuchin and Soro's have multiple more connections. So many that I would say if your goal was truly to "drain the swamp" the next worse person you could put in-charge of the Treasury other than Mnunchin would be Soros himself.

    But yes, OneWest was a California bank, and Harris should have done her job, but the head of OneWest was Mnuchin, not Soros (he was a partner.)

    I think it's funny we refer to it as the swamp, the swamp is COMPLETELY filled with billionaires... pretty sure the more appropriate term would be that it's the house overlooking the fields of sheep. If you don't have a billion dollars, you're a sheep, its that simple. I'm not sure why they're trying to divide the sheep to go after one another but you know they're in their comfortable not-"swamp" pulling all the strings and laughing at what's going on as democracy breaks down.

  8. With all this fraud and treasonous BS going on, can someone reassure me again how safe it’s going to be for the Gov’t to migrate us to digital currency?

    1. Impossible to do negative interest rates any other way, they need digital currency to do it.

  9. Here's one more: How is it that in the state of New Hampshire the RINO governor was re-elected, the state's House, Senate and Executive Council were flipped from D to R control, yet the voters in New Hampshire supposedly voted for Biden/Harris? So a voter marks their ballot, AT THE TOP, for Biden/Harris, then proceeds down the ballot voting for Republicans for all of the state offices up for election. Logical, surely.

    Oh, did I mention I've got this bridge...


    1. I already foreclosed on your bridge.

  10. No, you don't need a digital currency for -ve rates. What gave you that idea?
    Here's a rundown:


    The only event to watch now is Dec 14 electoral college vote. All hell breaks loose after that regardless of outcome.

    Preppers are no doubt smirking a lot about now and those that laughed at them are in panic mode.

    1. You can do negative interest rates but you can't force people to keep their currency in the bank. Since digital currency has no physical representation of it you can't just take it out and put it "under the mattress" like you can with cash. Not exactly - you can if you know what you're doing, but most people won't know how to maintain wealth outside of that system... and will pay the "tax" of negative interest rates.

      I'm curious on how they're going to handle the older people that have no idea. The woman that lives next door to me has never had a computer, never had a cell phone, and according to her never even had a credit card. I think she'll be quite confused about the whole crypto world.

  11. Danne - you asked the same question at TFI ☺

    Here's your answer:

    Bottom line - trust your key with your life. Crypto is and will forever be hackable. Crypto means your "money" is under government control; no more cash under the bed. Crypto will eliminate cash within a decade. It will be possible (ie massive risk) to "hack the planet" as it were and steal/takedown the entire global digital economy. Not so much a Great Reset as a Great Wipe. Nasty..
    Anyway it's coming fast and no-one has a choice in it.

    1. Not only that but the government could easily put a hold on your account and prevent you from being able to access it/transact in it.

      Normal person to person transactions can then be taxed as well. I mean think of that, you buy a bike at a garage sale, now days that's not taxed, but it can in this new system... very likely their will be a "fee" for that transaction in a government crypto world.

    2. Cryptocurrency will cease to be crypto in the not too distant future as it will be absorbed government. The goal is to get everything out of the black economy so it can be controlled by government and make the theft of money through taxes for illegal acts much easier.

    3. Do you think it will be absorbed or deemed "illegal" much in the way gold has been in the past? I can see them running a PR campaign trying to de-legitimize it by preventing people from using it legitimately (why do you need Bitcoin(etal) when there's FEDCoin?) So, first get all legitimate transactions in crypto to stop, then run their PR campaign to say it's used for nefarious reasons (drug/sex trade, dark web, dog fighting, whatever...) turn the public against it and "outlaw" transactions.

      That might be going too far, but because transactions in and out of any other crypto could be taxed (fee'd) when going in to whatever digital currency the government uses. I doubt it though, because there could be enterprises that only use crypto, in which case the government can't tax it... my guess is they "outlaw" both crypto and owning gold/silver. Hard to enforce of course, but they've made owning gold illegal in the past, and crypto didn't exist at that time.

      My current plan would be to just sit on gold/silver as a store of value until I need it. I get having to pay a fee when needing to transact into lets call it "fedcoin" but at least I'm not getting charged negative interest rates for holding it.

  12. The seizure of the Sctyl has not been corroborated. The problem with the story, as told, is that Army would not have conducted the raid. German authorities would have, and then turned the server over for shipment back to the states. The server may be here, and the Army may have shipped it here, but they would not have been legally able to seize it themselves. The German government is not nearly as cozy with the US these days as it has been in the past.


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