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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Is This Arrogance, Ignorance, Incompetence, Insanity, Or All Of The Above?

 Biden brags about having "the most extensive and inclusive Voter Fraud Organization" in history!


  1. I feel so comforted by his words. Wait, what did he say? Is he really speaking English, and said those things, or is he talking in another language,that only he understands?
    Probably he himself doesn't actually understand just what the hell he is saying.


  2. The left has reached the point where they are SO CONFIDENT in their control over the media, most judges and almost ALL electoral officials that they can OPENLY brag about their plans to cheat. And the truly sad thing is even when they OPENLY admit they are cheating NOTHING WILL BE DONE ABOUT IT.

  3. Freudian slip? Truth, actually.
    Every once in a while the filters are down and the True Joe slips out.

  4. Amy Coney Barrett becomes part of scotus tonight

    1. It's a done deal and we are seeing the dawn of the Thomas Court. I believe Clarence Thomas will now be able to act on some of the wrongfully decided cases of the last 50 years. He will be the elder justice leading the other 4 originalists in righting the wrongs SCOTUS has done to the US. Roberts is welcome to come along, if he so wishes.

      TN Patriot

    2. Time for Roberts to be shown the door and for the Trumpster to get another pick confirmed by Thanksgiving.

  5. Every once in a long while evil will slip and admit the truth and their plans.

  6. Ain't gonna help him.
    "Let's Finish This".

  7. I believe he was bragging that he could miscount the votes in his favor better than anyone else who is on the ballot. So basically he was admitting to fraud. IMHO

  8. Freudian slip, no question.

    Biden is a mistake we don't need to make.


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