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Friday, October 30, 2020

♫♫ Mystery .. The World Is a Game ♫♫ A band I never heard of AND while researching, I found a neat website...

  Regarding this band and album:

 It's like  a wine review..  a hint of Yes and Rush's Geddy Lee with some good progressive notes.

 I 've had this "album" playing on the desktop as I hack around the webz. They were linked on the sidebar on youtube while I was listening to the Airbag song I posted earlier.  I decided to give them a listen and am pleased that I did.

 Here is their wiki page:


What?? these guys have been around since 1986 and I have NEVER heard of them?

If you don't have a lot of time, scroll to the last song ( around the 40min mark )  " Another Day"


Now, regarding that awesome website I found.  For shits and giggles I did a google search of the term

bands like mystery.  I checked a few hits then happened upon this page:

( IF it doesn't embiggenfy, here is the LINK<<< ) 



In the upper left hand corner it says:


So you enter a band and it will link similar bands that will be similar to the artist. 

This opens a whole Pandora's box of new music to explore.  

So I tried Mystery and look at how many other " similar" artists there are. You will notice that Airbag is just below my choice of "Mystery". Now to spend hours checking out all those other artists.

Go to the LINK and try your own artist.<<


  1. Circus Maximus. A band featuring Jerry Jeff Walker

  2. Is there an indication of the method of association, is it two dimensional? What are the axes? Interesting that you mention Pandora; the eponymous music service does a similar thing and is how I have found new (to me) bands I like.

  3. This band reminds me of Super Tramp a bit. I really do like it. Been reading the blog/news with it playing. Very good stuff. Thanks for the recommendation!!

  4. Just listened to a number of their tunes on Prime while out for my morning walk. It’s as if Pink Floyd and Rush had a baby and it was raised by a consortium that included the Moody Blues, Little River Band, and Good Charlotte

  5. And your band Airbag was right in the 8 ring. Hmmmmm. Seems you've unlocked some of your darker secrets. Maybe an all black haired FF. I agree with STxAR, I had the same initial recog. ST is still one of my top 5. Their concert 31 row ahhh perfection.


  6. Good tune, Another Day. Listened again, has a Geddy doing War Pigs section (first 'buum).

  7. Enjoy your posts - thanks! You seem to like Prog Rock types - Try Rare Bird album Epic Forest.

  8. OMG, that was amazing. You're right, the resemblance to Rush is astounding. It is a huge compliment to be copied like this.

    Want another surprise?

    Look up "Dream Theater". Every member of the band is ranked in the top 10 of their field...

  9. Lots of early Genesis influences there, as in all the Genesis albums up to and including Trick of the Tail


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