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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Whatever You Do, DON'T Open The Door!....


  Sent in by Jeffery, his 'puter has Covid.





  1. Yeah, she's that scary.

    And yeah, she's who the dumbocrats are electing.

  2. More scary yet is when you look at the d-rats lineup card.

  3. And the average democrat doesn't make the connection.

  4. The good news is that when she and Biden get crushed this Tuesday, her presidential ambitions are OVER, D.U.N. done, finito, caput! Yes, she can still do damage in the Senate, but only if the Demonrats have the Senate. So there's that. Apparently, the Demonrats haven't yet learned the lesson from history about putting a woman on the presidential ticket ...and it may be the Republicans opportunity to re-learn that lesson in 2024.

    It's almost like they WANT to lose, so they can scream and cry and carry on having temper tantrums about how the election was STOLEN from them or some such.


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