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Friday, October 30, 2020

Wishing all a safe and festive Halloween!

 I had to dig way back in the archives and blow the dust off some of these. I know our favorite Jeannie will not distract most from the real threats of zombies, rioters, peaceful protesters, and commies of all sorts. Stay vigilant, prepared, and aware of potential threats. I am thinking next Wednesday night while the moon is still full is when we may see the most "activity" of the aforementioned entities.

Barbara Eden - Happy Halloween!!! Be safe! Have fun and... | Facebook

Actress Barbara Eden carving a pumpkin in a Pilgrim ensemble for Halloween.  Photo: NBC | Barbara eden, I dream of jeannie, Celebrities female

Into The Out Of | Barbara eden, I dream of jeannie, Dream of jeannie


Photo by Islandwitch | I dream of jeannie, Dream of jeannie, Barbara eden


  1. Simple J. MalarkeyOctober 30, 2020 at 8:19 AM

    Your site will not work right on my ipad since the music bar was added.

  2. Nice, Irish. Good break from the increasing insanity.

  3. is it weird that I would love to meet the girl with horns and wings in the header background?

  4. Barbara Eden is such a treat!

  5. Never disappointed with a Barbara Eden spred. As long as we're looking at Halloween themed pictures though, any chance on seeing Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira tomorrow?

  6. A major babe on anyone's scale. Juss' sayin'...



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