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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Anyone Remember Back In Early January When The Car Went Off The Cliff In California?

For some reason I thought of this as I drove to work yesterday morning.

Here is a still from the dashcam video that was circulated on the news and webz.

Weeks and months went by with nothing.


I even posted about it <<<




When I got to work and had a couple minutes I did a search for "car off cliff in california". I was kind of surprised when it was revealed they had finally identified the missing person after four months. By that time we were deep into 24/7 covid coverage and, like most sensational stories, the follow up never gets the same air play.


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Four months after a dark colored 2007 Lexus RX was captured on a dashcam of a passing motorist jumping off a cliff and into the ocean in San Mateo County, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) believes it has finally solved the sad mystery of who was behind the wheel of the vehicle.

According to a statement released by the CHP, the driver of the Lexus was San Francisco resident Tracey Ivori Sinclair. The department said human remains and Sinclair’s Californian driver’s license were discovered at nearby Montara State Beach in the ensuing months.

“Additionally, a Missing Person’s Report filed for Ms. Sinclair by family members and a DNA match confirmed by the San Mateo County Coroner’s Office provided the remaining circumstantial evidence to indicate Ms. Sinclair was the driver of the Lexus captured on dash cam footage in December,” said the CHP.











  1. Pity we don't know the reason she drove off, guess the family might have told the reporter (if there were any) to MYOB.
    Life goes on.

  2. I can't remember what I did 3 days ago, no way can I remember something from January

  3. Must have been listening to a Biden rally.

  4. Well, if you're gonna go, go big.

  5. Well, if you're gonna go, go big, I guess.

  6. Couldn't be her. The California voter registration office confirmed she just cast her vote for Joe Biden.

  7. Sigh...we'll never know what caused this, but it's still sad when anyone commits suicide.

  8. Did Ms Sinclair have any connection to the Clintons?


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