Wednesday, October 21, 2020

You Will Be Hearing About The BLM Protests In Providence RI..


 The media will have you believe a choir boy was on his way to church on his moped when he was purposely run over by law enforcement.


  PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WHDH) - Hundreds of people took to the streets in Providence, Rhode Island Tuesday night to demand justice for a 24-year-old man who was critically injured in an officer-involved moped crash over the weekend. (Sunday Night)

 When you read moped what do you envision?

 From this NEWS STORY you have to read to the bottom to get this information:


Earlier Sunday evening, ABC6 cameras captured over 100 ATVs and dirt bikes riding through Providence. According to the President of the Providence Firefighters Union, Derek Silva, firefighters responded to a total of 4 crashes involving the dirt bikes and ATVs on Sunday evening.

“Providence firefighters are responding to more motor vehicle crashes involving illegal ATVs and dirt bikes than ever before,” Silva said.  “These illegal ATV and dirt bikes are causing crashes that have led to serious injuries and even death. They have no business in our city.”



In 2017, an ordinance was passed through Providence City Council that allows police to confiscate and destroy illegal bikes and ATVs.

Earlier this month, 33 illegal dirt bikes and ATVs seized by police were destroyed.

Although Providence Police were seen following the bikers, the Providence Police Department has certain no-chase policies due to public safety liabilities, and police say stopping the bikers is often an issue.

So illegal bikes and ATVs are illegal in the he city? Did I read that right?

This was a clip I found taken on Sunday afternoon. Anarchy.

Here is the clip the media is showing. They supposedly cut it because of #expletive so the context at the end of crash is lost.

Here is a what is purported to be the full video and aftermath:

  Here is  still of the "moped"

Also catch some the clips taken of the bikes riding on the roads from this broadcast:



and I'll leave you with this tweet that describes the incident 



  1. This is why Parscale and Stepien think NH is ripe for the flipping.

  2. There will be justice unless he is just us. Someone gonna bank some cash.

  3. Toby dun wear his helmet!

  4. Seen this kind of "caravan" of illegal vehicles in DC area too. They are a menace to legal drivers, causing mayhem on the streets, disobey traffic regulations, no insurance, cause accidents and flee, and they think they are untouchable by LE. There should be a bounty put on them. Dead or alive. Time to thin the feral herd.

  5. This just shows to go ya that you can wear all the safety gear you want, but Mr. Physics says you're gonna get hurt when you crash into immovable objects.

    Oh, and don't run from the Cops when you are on a souped-up moped. Don't run, period.

    Darwin Award wannabe.

  6. Here's a nice image of a few of my German uncles in 1942 riding their mopeds illegally into Russia.

    The boys were just having fun when those damn Russians over-reacted.

  7. Looked to me like the moped took the corner too fast ( possibly fleeing police), jumped the curb and hit a building. I didn't see any vehicle contact the "moped" and saw no damage to rear of moped.

  8. Retired: exactly. No indication that the cruiser hit him. Oh, and that's not a moped. It's a scooter, and many of those are street legal. Scooters don't have pedals, mopeds do.

    Having had quite a few motorcycles in my day, street and dirt, I found scooters to be totally imbalanced and hard to ride. All the weight is on the back wheel. The brakes are pretty pathetic too.

    At 5 seconds in the video you can see that the rider is a) rather fat, which raises the center of gravity, and b) rather wobbly just as he starts to make the corner just after the other cruiser pulled out across the intersection.

    1. Since I have a Honda Elite CH150D, I heartily agree with you - it's a commuter scooter (not a moped...) and I drove it back and forth to work for years. Can't turn corners fast or you... wipe out or are forced to turn wide, like this clown did. The bang was him crashing into the sidewalk and the building! No contact by the Cop's car, I'll wager.

  9. Those scooters can be hopped up to over 2 times the HP/Tq that they came with from the factory with simple bolt on modifications. Add upshift kit, stroker crank/cylinders/pistons/cam kits, worked heads, fuel injection conversion, and even nitrous or turbos can convert a 50cc into a screamer with 4 to 5 times it's original power. Some of these high end engines are going for $5k. Ultimate sleeper vehicle.

  10. What's with all these joggaz on dirt bikes? Huh.

  11. You can buy a 150cc scooter from the factory, that has a top a to end of close to 90 MPH.Yet still see idiots pushing them as fast as they can go. As Master Yoda would say, "The stupid, is rides with these foolish people as a spirit,assuring that bad decisions they excel at making,as a way of life";
    I was given a 12 speed bicycle for my birthday from my now 40year old daughter. It was the racing, off rood kind of bike,with fancy shifters and special derailers and such. it was over 600$,plus it had a lot of really cool electronics on as well.
    It went so damn fast that I had to get a fairly high end helmet, in order to feel safe riding it.I did love riding it though, until my old mans body got so worn out that I got it. I ended up giving it back to my daughter, with thanks,for a wonderful time getting experience such a really exciting and cool,and yes, fun experience. i have a small trailer hitch on one cars, in order to transport wifes electric scooger, so she can get arounds some of the bigger better bargaining stores in our towns,which usually have you can get both better deals,but better quality options ofered at fantastic prices.

    Since the winters for the past 4-5 years have been exceptionally mild here in Muskegon,where I have been for about 28 years, I suspect that we will see similar winter for similar next few years, plus,after slow slow down of the civilian attack on the civilian population,thousands will fight back,and will market products designed to allow new shooters to stand up and fight back. New people will often want be a part in protest of Joe Biden and want to be part of the entire protection country, to show that they have shown that they are patriot. Those who truly do Love truly love America will never falter,and never fail.

    May each and everyone reads this take the very mostimportant and castyour vote I have my own preference that would guarenteed how things turn out.But the absolutely most part of of our repblic,is reminderthat it works absolutely everyone participates. This country works it's absolutely best everyone possible who votes. While this is still is a Republic,our membership votes in a dem ocratic system.That carries with it,the carry of oneperson onevote.

    And at at a time when there is so many varius issues,that cause divisions,whether or not we let them is our choice,and we face one of the real ways to bring peace to a countryin need of peace.And I simply will not accept any outcome.

    I am certain that I am far from alone. You can catch up with me at,forany further discussion,butlet's keep it clean,and respectful,and positive and not let it devolved into into the sadness that we have seen, much too often.
    I pray that everyone remains safe and covid free,as well as your families,andthat any bad blood be healed,with everyone struggling go set things right first. I have learned that word religious can be a stumbling block to manypeople by forcing them follow rules made by man,and not by God. Jesus, in His time on earth, only 2 rules,for humans to follow.The firstonewas,to love the lord with all your with with all your strength. The second rule is like the first.Love the your neighbor as you love yourself. Upon these two sayings rest all of the words rest all of the rest the prophets.
    The more time I spent in the study of the Word of Lord,the more impressed I become with such a God that we have been fortunately blessed with with such a God who really loves,and gives up the things that we need,and notjust the things that we wat.

    Thank You, Lord,the God of 3 in 1,who reigns in both heaven and earth. We love you and worship you, but most of all,we praise you,

    Glory to your Holy Name,




  12. The blog 'Turtleboy Sports' put out a good report on this, including video showing the gink on the scooter smacking the wall. The police never touched the scooter.
    The wall deserves an award for services rendered.


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