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Friday, October 23, 2020

On The Over Night.... Neil Peart Reincarnated?.. and Apocolyptic "Welcome to the machine"


 This drummer is amazing <<<<<  LINK


She's a bit older than she looks. From 2017,  This video says shes 20<<  

Now to mellow things out..... watch it full screen:

Leigh made me aware of Mike's post<<<<LINK 





  1. She's more Keith Moon-esqe than Neil Peart.
    The universe only gets 1 Neil Peart, and only 1 Irish.

  2. Irish - a long while back, you showcased and 7 year old drummer covering "Tom Sawyer". He is now 13 and just as talented as you would expect. In this one he covers "Eye of the Tiger"


    TN Patriot

  3. To really be Neil Peart returned, she has to pen some lyrics that move me like Subdivisons or Time Stand Still.

  4. She's not anything close to Pert. She is fast but messy, not a good trait for a drummer. A good drummer has precise rythm, not just speed. Precision is what made Pert special.

  5. Fast but messy. Accuracy is important too.


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