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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Spam Comments That Are Not Tracking... Interesting? Maybe Someone Can Explain...

 So, I have been getting continuously hit with the same type of spam comment. Since I have moderation on I just delete them as they accumulate.

Exhibit 1 4:08am:

As you can see that just came in this morning and I decided to "publish" it to see if it would show up in Statcounter.

For another test I logged in on a separate browser to test the comment tracking.

Exhibit 2 4:13am:

As you can see, whenever a comment is made it will list the visit page with the ending of #comment-form.

Below is the log from this morning around 4:08am

I have been awaiting a spam comment ( since they are plentiful) so I posted my comment then looked at the time stamps around 4:08 when I published the spam from moderation. Nothing noted for #comment-form.

Also the two visitors only show a few "total visits" nothing compare to volume of comments that want me to "click here and check me out I'm getting naked". Don't they realize I publish FFF once a week and have plenty of "naked" without getting a virus ;)

Exhibit 3:

My question is, how do they get around the "blogger" system of comments OR maybe it's coming from inside the house????


  1. the web can be a very creepy place. hard to tell the good guys from the bad. Keep plugging FI. The good guys will follow you.

  2. I was one of the visitors earlier this morning, just perusing the page.

  3. Same idiot visits me too, Irish, nothing better to do...

  4. Grommet tried to warn us. "When Penguins Turn"

  5. Looks like the exact same crap I erase every time i check my comments on https://politicallyincorrectcanadian.blogspot.com/

  6. Track the IP(s) if it helps, but blocking them doesn't work. A once well-known blogger noticed something crawling his file archives, reacted by inadvrtantly blocking all North American universities and the entire country of Bolivia. Don't ask me how I know. :D

    1. When I worked for a Level 1 internet provider, my T1 was getting saturated and they put a 'bot in one of my computers in my house (I was doing router changes late at night and had to work during times when the traffic levels were lowest).
      I traced the problem to a Class C range that belonged to the University of Edinburgh, at which time I commanded the router to take all FOUR of their IP ranges to route the traffic to NULL - the Bit Bucket. It basically shut them off of external traffic for an entire weekend. It got me in trouble with the Higher Ups until I explained that they were going to STAY that way during the weekend, at which time on Monday I would restore their routing. I did so on Monday, never had any more problems with them. Don't ask me how I know, either... ;P
      There are ways...

  7. I rarely get much junk like that, but then I only have a few dozen readers.

  8. I get the exact same comments but they seem to come and go in streaks. I can go a week without a singe one, then for a day or two it seems like it's a few every time I moderate.

  9. Irish, I get them too (usually on older posts). I delete them when I find them, but they do not show up on Stat Counter. I can understand a guys blog - but one about chickens??? :o(

  10. I get 'em almost daily on mine. They link to some lame-ass pseudo-porn bullshit.


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