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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Interesting.....mASSachusetts Removes Some Covid Data Reporting From The Daily Update... Guest Post By The Furious Frenchman

 The Furious Frenchmen noticed that mASS removed some graphs from their daily reportings... he sends:

It is a beautiful summer day, I sit on my porch in the suburb looking at Old Glory flying.  While I wait for the Mass COVID 19 Dashboard to fire up, I ponder if I will be able to keep this house I busted my rear end to get, or will it be taken for reparations. I also ponder if one of my lefty neighbors will torch my American flag (of the best country that ever existed).  Three times per week I check the beautifully laid out Massachusetts COVID-19 Dashboard to see how we, as a state, are doing.  I have been keeping an eye on this since March.  In particular, The “Deaths by Age” and “Hospitalizations” bar graphs were the most important to me.  As I hear Governor Baker (R)ino scream at us serfs that “There is a major uptick in cases, you need to be more responsible or we go backward”.  I can see from their own data that the cases may go up, but the hospitalizations have gone down in a straight line fashion since June 1.  Why is he so adamant I wonder?  I look at the Death chart which reveals an average age of death to be 82.  In fact, under the age of 60 there were only 450 deaths (out of a state of over 7 million).  Of those deaths, how many had pre-existing conditions or misdiagnosed (have stage 4 cancer, but test positive, etc.)???.  The most interesting demographic was 1-19 age group.  They have 0, I repeat zero deaths.  Interesting.

SO here I am looking for my charts, and something peculiar happened.  They have vanished.  It appears sometime on August 12, these charts were removed from the dashboard.  They had been there since its inception.  Why I wonder, why would this happen?  Then I see the main stream media state that August 14 was the deadline for schools to decide what type of learning they would choose for the school year.  I am getting older and went to school during a time when we were taught mathematics, history, and critical thinking.  I am not a lemming, and do not believe in conspiracy theories.  However, the dots are all lining up.  Yes, I was scared at the beginning of this, no one knew what this was.  But the data is in.  We know who it affects and who it doesn’t.  How could a school tell parents that they are doing remote learning if the data is out there showing it does not affect children.  Furthermore, it is kind of hard to pull the panic button if the data shows no increase of people going to the hospital.  

Here are the Dashboards for August 11, and August 16.  Please refer to page 15-16 on August 11, and try to find it on August 12 and after. 

Just thinking out loud……Why is voting so dangerous, but Home Depot, the grocery store, Walmart, restaurants, the registry, liquor stores and pot shops are not?   Truly scary times.



 Table of contents August 11th

Table of Contents August 12th

Page 14,15,15 From August 11th


  1. Data vanishing..data fudged too...
    I'm shocked! Not.
    The exact same thing has been happening worldwide for years in another scam.
    The AGW/CO2 scam.
    So that's now 2 major lies being told...

  2. Well, what the Hell else did you expect?

    The whole thing is built on lies.

  3. But... but... but the SCIENCE IS SETTLED!!!!!!!!

  4. Nice to see the Furious One still around, and doing good work.

    Whitehall, NY

  5. Yes, the only pages I focused upon each day are now gone. Governor Faker strikes again.


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