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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Enjoy Your Weekend....

   During the morning coffee surf I followed Cold Fury's link to this Post regarding the plandemic.

It was dated July 28th and the author posts lots of data , information and links. Peruse it if you like


 I'm off to get shit done... stay safe.

Here's a smattering of road related images because #noreason other than I had them in a folder.



  1. America the Beautiful (and looks like a couple of other places)

  2. The most important part is who rides shotgun.

  3. BTW, that was a great COVID article. It give facts to justify how I have been feeling for months. Flattening the curve does no long term good and does plenty of long term harm. The current "lockdown politicians" are literally prolonging the event and economic pain.

    GO BACK TO NORMAL NOW, achieve final herd immunity, and find something new to use against Trump and conservatives!

    1. They already did...the MAIL hullabaloo.

      Herd immunity has effectively been achieved already, they just had to drag out the issue until they could find something else to focus on before they could no longer hide reality from the captive audiences.

  4. Thanks for the covid link!
    I've posted it on comments sections, hope it spreads...

  5. God Bless America.��

  6. Thanks, that was a spiritual adventure. I can't tell you how much I love scenic vistas like this. Now I just have to decide which one becomes my new background image.

  7. I reckon it says something about me--when I saw 'road trip', I immediately thought 'bikes'. When I'm not in my company truck, which I must drive Monday through Friday, I usually travel by motorcycle. Lovely pics, no matter what the conveyance.
    --Tennessee Budd


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