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Thursday, August 20, 2020

I think a lot of folks share the same sentiments in regard to COVID.



  1. He said it better than I could have!

  2. For those political Royalty and faceless "public health care officials" who decide to close businesses that they don't consider "essential". Ensuring that their business, lives, dreams, savings, family will be destroyed - "For our own good"

    Why do We the People not DEMAND that those who make such proclamations also give up their tax payer funded salaries?

    If they are so concerned about serving the public as they have sworn to do...Why do they continue to draw pay while they DEMAND that Law Abiding citizens shut down their businesses and be ruined?

    MSG Grumpy

  3. We can't vote our way out. The city, state, federal govts are corrupt. Our elected leaders are failing us on purpose.
    I'm buying more ammo whenever I can. The day this guy is talking about will arrive sooner than we realize.
    My plan is to be out of the suburbs and in rural mountains before the SHTF.

  4. While the council faces him, some of them snoring. Bring on the boogaloo - and don't forget the court judges and politicos when you are cleaning house...

    1. And the media. Those would be my first choice If and when.

  5. That line in the sand is an RCH away......

  6. Hey Irish;

    He speaks for a lot of people, people are getting really grumpy about the whole thing about "public servants and academics" who have " no skin in the game" arbitrarily putting restrictions on everyone else and excusing favored groups and themselves from restrictions and people are noticing and they ain't liking it. It is showing the class distinctions and the 2 levels of the law and this also is making people pissy. This will not end well if this continues.

  7. I got sent home to work from home back in mid March. Five months ago. I had my doctor test me for covid-19 antibodies a couple weeks ago, and it came back positive, even with five months of mostly isolated living. I have had zero symptoms I could notice. So how pointless was all this isolation shit?

    At this point, the only reason for the isolation is to make Trump look bad. The damn demoncrat convention is proving that point.

  8. The demx want the right to go ballistic. They'll use it to perpetuate thier white supremacist lie, and also to scare dumbass people into not voting for DJT since "all the violence will go way when he does".

    Wait til after the election folks.

    1. Well, if the right "goes ballistic", the libtards are gonna be high on the target list. Do they REALLY think the cops and the justice system will be able to hold the red tidal wave back?
      They live sheltered lives. We're going to be torching the shelter if the balloon goes up...

  9. This video is certainly making the rounds, especially since it hits the nail squarely on the head.

  10. Like Anon above said it’s partly/mostly purely to ‘get’ President Trump (sorry, but I’m tired of everyone, our side included, showing disrespect in discussing him).

    But partly it’s the typical leftists intent to ‘destroy’ trust in a hallowed institution, in the hope they can completely destroy it, or at least replace it with their own. (I guaran-damn-tee that they 'will' come out with "the health care sector failed us, so ... we need single payer to make us safe")

    Will any of you, us, trust the CDC, FDA, public health, most police chiefs, most mayors, etc. ever again?

    ‘We’ dismiss the destruction in Portland, NYC and elsewhere, hoping they ‘get what they voted for, good and hard’.

    But …

    But, to deliberately misquote an idiot, ‘They didn’t build that’.

    I don’t want Portland, NYC and California to burn, fall into rubble or the sea. I don’t want the CDC, FDA or even NASA ‘gone’. I want those cities and states to be taken back, to be made safe, clean, liveable again. I want those institutions made to do what us and ours built them for.

    It may be an unattainable pipe-dream, but you don’t burn down the barn because you’ve got rats. You exterminate the rats!

  11. I thought this was an "Onion" joke but it's real.
    Shakes head in disbelief...


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