Friday, April 12, 2019

There needs to be some ass whippings!

How did we arrive at this point in time as a nation where this sort of chaos breaks out in schools, sporting events, malls, funerals, etc.? Something such as this would have been unimaginable 30+ years ago when I was in high school. If I had of been a part of this, I would have been dead the moment my daddy found out about it.


  1. Another day, another chimpout. No fathers, no discipline.

    1. It is a very sad time Anonymous. The Jeannie is out of the bottle. Is there a way to put her back in the bottle?

    2. The entire fabric of our culture has been altered. The idea of personal responsibility and accountability left. I got a call from the school about a minor infraction that my son committed. My response was, "Ohh, we'll have a talk when I get home."

      The end of the family unit and married parents started in 1960 - and has been horrible for America. We are nearing the end - we are close to seeing the inability of a soon to come generation to run any of this. Then we will start to rebuild. (Coincidence - this is my topic for Monday).

  2. Mental illness and the deep dive into an empty pool of western civilization

  3. 1970, we moved from a west coast highschool where most fights occurred one on one, after school, to a school in the Mississippi basin. Sitting in an English class, everyone evacuated on some signal I didn't get, I'm sitting there all alone staring at the teacher wondering what happened. The whole school massed in the hall outside the cafeteria for their semi-quarterly race riot. Police were called, the parties were separated and life went on. That's when I figured out why some black kids walked with a limp for an excuse to have a walking stick.

  4. My senior year of high school, our school in a small town, with 350 students in the high school, went to a closed campus at lunch time. A few students didn't like that, and decided to protest, with signs and stuff, across the street from the school. Maybe 25 kids or so. My parents owned a restaurant about 2 blocks from the school. My mom heard about it, and she drove up to the school, to make sure that me and my twin brother, were not involved with it. She was not the only parent in line at the principal's office to check on her kids.
    I would not have been involved in that shit anyway, since I was actually the kind of kid that the teachers all liked and would count on to help maintain discipline in their class. One teacher came into class after lunch, smelled pot,and actually called me out into the hall and asked me to tell him who had been smoking it. He said it was either one guy or the other. I told him, well it was not this one guy. The one who was smoking on lunch break was pissed at me, but I was not going to let the other guy get into trouble for some pot head, and besides the teacher was my football coach.
    I have always been a straight shooter. I hate lying and I hate to be lied to. If I screw up, I will say so right to your face, even if it costs me a lot. But don't accuse me of doing something that I didn't do. I will get real hot real fast.

  5. How?

    Welfare state
    Liberal policies

    Need I go on?

  6. Your title says it all when your daddy finds out look at the video i would bet 70-90% of the participants have NO daddy at home


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