Friday, April 12, 2019

24 Year Old Man Has Been Arrested For Throwing A Five Year Old Boy From The Third Story Balcony At The Mall of America

I almost entitled this piece as Guess the Religion, but we will wait and see. When the MSM identifies a suspect as anything but white, I get suspicious.


Read more about it .HERE.


  1. Does anyone know what color the victim was?

  2. I read one report that stated the child was white. Also, there was some sort of program going on at the mall to honor military families who currently or in past had loved ones deployed.

  3. As Yoda would say, "islam, religion not".

  4. Unceremoniously KILL that motherfucker and pitch his corpse in a shallow unmarked grave. The killing should be PUBLIC. America needs to start excising its cancer...

  5. When the distraught mother is not portrayed as a martyr 24/7 on the MSM , it's invariably because it's a case of black n white violence .

    Too bad that we don't have a free, unbiased press that would inform us - not attempt to indoctrinate us .


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