Saturday, April 13, 2019

Finally Gives Up After 6 Minutes.... Some Stereotypes Are True...


  1. That was just...painful to watch... LOL

  2. What is so hard about parallel parking?
    1) pull past parking spot with vehicle 3' between car and side of parking spot
    2) Reverse to align rear tire with the front of the parking spot
    3) Turn steering wheel all the way to the right
    4) Reverse until rear curbside corner can be seen in right mirror
    5) Straiten front wheels and back up until right rear is a foot to 9" from the curb
    6) Turn steering all the way to the left and back until car is parallel to the curb and straiten wheels

  3. How the Hell do people like this ever get a drivers license?

  4. Is it possible that the driver is only using the backup camera instead of using mirrors or turning his/her head?

  5. I'll never get back that six minutes of my life but I just had to keep watching. Her car is so small she could have pulled straight in.


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