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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Cherokee Writings Found In North Alabama Cave From The Time Of "The Trail of Tears" Translated By Scientist And Scholars

                                      Basically, the translation is "DON'T TRUST THE GOVERNMENT".

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The carvings are in Manitou Cave near Ft. Payne, Alabama. The cave has been open to tourists since 1888. It is amazing that the writings survived. Considering the source, the article is well written and worth the read. All of it can be seen by clicking HERE. By the way, the "Indian Maiden" doesn't have anything to do with the story. I just wanted to see how it would impact the "hit counter", LOL!



  1. Actually, I think the translation is, "Never trust a Democrat. Or a Whig. But especially a Democrat".

    PS As they say in Cherokee, "Woo!", "Woo!".

  2. By golly, there really was some cave writings after the hot chick. It took me awhile to get past looking at her. She was really something special. Thanks for that.


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