Tuesday, April 9, 2019

113 Year Old Machine Shop....

   Man, you could spend hours wondering around in here and have an appreciation for the days gone by of real men running real machinery that could kill you if stopped paying attention for an instant. It's not like all the safety interlocked osha approved machines of today.

Reader Russ, thanks, sent me the link and I also noticed that Phil posted it the other day on his site.

Here is the description from the video:

 While in Georgia we visited a very old machine shop and the owner let me take some video while I was there. I was converted from a blacksmith shop from 1903-1905 into a machine shop and some of the original beams from the line shaft are still in place. The Niles vertical turret lathe was installed new in 1905 and it even has the the original documentation. This machine is for sale by the owner. I you are interested in it or one of the old lathes send me and email and put you in contact with the shop owner. It was interesting walking through this old shop, just thinking about all the work it has seen over the past 100 years. If you have interest in one of the machines for sale send me an email and I’ll put you in contact with the shop owner. Abom1979@gmail.com


Check this out............just to add perspective of these machines....


  1. That looks like the fab/machine shop I worked in for three years off and on when I was a younger man.

  2. That's some seri-assed machinery there!

  3. Holy shit that big old bastard can really spin up.
    Thanks for posting that second video, it gives a much better idea of how those work.
    Pretty incredible they had that capability clear back in 1905 for crying out loud.
    Freakin' monster man.


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