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Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Good Ol' Days...

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  1. One of my classmates in high school had a 1967 GTO. It was blue with diamond tuft interior. It was a very nice factory four-speed car. It was a driver and stayed around my community until the early nineties when it was finally totaled in a crash.

  2. A Garbage Truck Ordinary? Bah, I held out for a Garbage Truck Xtraordinary.

  3. Looks like a Chevelle, GOAT and GP to me and good enough to eat. :)

  4. Had a 66 OHC Tempest. Worked on that car all the time.

    1. Had a '65 Hi-Po 289 Fastback which I bought for $2,800 with 5K on it. I wanted a Cobra but they were way too much at $7K plus......:) :(

  5. an older friend had a 67 electric blue gto it had the chrome chicken wire on the front grill, the his and hers twingate hurst shifter and it was bad fast. in 68 when i was 9, i got to drive a new cherry red gto with the 400 hurst 4 speed. i had to sit in front of the guy that owned it. they thought i knew where my cousins car was hidden and one of his groomsman from his fraternity had the car. got to take it down a 3 mile long jet airstrip it was awesome


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