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Saturday, March 16, 2019

♫♫ Thanks Again Pandora... I Heard These Guys Earlier.... Airbag ♫♫

Here's another.....

 If you like these guys, go do some searching on youtube. So far all the ones I have found have been pretty good. 


  1. Thanks. Never heard of them before. Great music. Been listening to them all weekend since you posted this last week. However, this Airbag band is from Norway. If it was an happy accident that you posted these songs, I'm glad you did. I found some very underrated music to listen to while stoned. Just like Floyd.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. For some reason when I googled them the other band from Argentina came up. I guess I didn’t do my research. Anyway, I’m really glad you enjoyed them! Like you, I have been listening to them this weekend and tonight. I just created a station on Pandora with them as the lead band. Hopefully, I will find some other new music that runs in this genre. :-)

  2. Check out their song "Colours".


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