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Monday, March 11, 2019

Diver Lives To Tell The Tale After being Swallowed By A Bryde's Whale

A 51 year old diver was swallowed by a whale while filming sharks off the South African coast. As I read this, I wondered if the diver got any "interior" shots with his camera. In the American Civil War and among sailors of old, a Jonah was used to describe someone who brought misfortune and bad luck with him. The name was taken directly from the Bible story of Jonah and the whale. I would say this guy is the "anti-Jonah" to a degree. He should have headed straight to a Casino as soon as the whale spat him back into the sea. Read more about this story HERE.

                                                                        Bryde Whale


  1. The whale probably went: "Ewww, tastes like rubber." and spit him out.

  2. This whole incident was a stupid move by the idiot that, I believe intended to do this.
    the whole story is a fabrication of events, and they are really stupid and legally liable for their stupid stunt. I'm sorry the asshole didn't die from it. Fuk em.

    I'm a Marine Biologist, and I endorse this comment.


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