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Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Good Ol' Days.....


  1. Mine was the toilet stall wall of the Dairy Queen.

  2. OMG, I was just reminiscing with some old friends yesterday about us growing up throwing kegger's out in the boonies when we were younger and one of them said they saw this graphic. We all laughed our asses off.
    We used to get serious about that shit. I can remember floating them across small rivers and helping haul them up the other side to keep cops from getting to us. Another biggy was when 5 high school friends all had their birthdays within one week. We threw a three day party at a local county park out in the sticks and had TWENTY ONE kegs of beer there. Over two hundred people showed up, the Sheriff's department showed up on the second day with three cars and said they were going to throw everyone in jail and confiscate the beer. After two hundred drunk and rowdy people surrounded their asses and said try it, they told us to keep it down, don't be driving anywhere and then tucked their tails and left!

  3. back yumty ump years ago... we had a mid winter party out of town , five pickups filled with ice and kegs. and a bonfire. stumps trash tees brush and pallets. some bright fellow throws an "empty" five gallon gas can in the fire. mmm we lost a pickup. so far out of town nobody noticed.



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