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Thursday, March 14, 2019

If you want to feel old.... Dark Side Of The Moon was released 46 Years ago...

I remember holding the album like this: 

 image via reddit


  1. Holy shit. I was 20, and now I feel ancient.

  2. I resemble that album cover... not the "rainbow;" just the wear and tear...

  3. Such a classic album and iconic album cover. And like other, thanks for makin' me feel old(eeer), Irish. :)

  4. It is still "Us and Them." I was stationed at Williams AFB, Chandler, AZ. about to be reassigned to Udorn, RTAFB, Thailand. Good Times Everywhere you went. Most folks don't know that this was album number 8 or 9 in their lineup. It all started with a Saucer full of Secrets. Cheers. Umma Gumma on!

  5. Actually, it all began with Piper At The Gates Of Dawn.
    Dark Side Of The Moon was on the top 100 album selling list for 900 weeks, and sold over 40 million copies.


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