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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Link O'rama.. Keeping Tabs On Things.....

Compiled and submitted by AFOI....

** But... but... but to pay attention to that would mean consistency.

** The Left hates America; the Left hates western civilization... and they're not even high-wattage enough to ask "What replaces it when we've
succeeded in destroying it?"

** Now isn't THIS interesting.  Related:
http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/07/_media_dems_ignore_hillary_ukraine_collusion.html http://lidblog.com/politico-proved-a-potus-campaign-colluded-ukraine-foreign-govt/
** The cry is "Well, Clinton's not in office so this doesn't matter."  Never mind the rank hypocrisy of
that statement, just ask the question "OK, for the sake of debate, let's assume Clinton had won.  Do you
think the media would be talking about this, and Uranium One, and Podesta's ties to the Russians, and...
and... and... ?"

** This is as evil as it gets short of murder.   If this kid killed his mother, I wouldn't convict.

** My brain hurts reading how the Left has not just double-standards, but double-secret-probation-


** A woman who grew up under Sharia law speaks.

** Quote: "Why can't the GOP simply reject this simply on fiscal grounds (since gender transition is
typically outside of most private people's insurance coverage). How does it benefit the military to
attract people who want their gender transition covered?"   

** But that's DIFFERENT.

** And despite this, liberals still want them here.

** Notice how they put "care of the child" at the top of their *cough cough* concerns... but are
sentencing this child to certain and proximate death.  Socialized medicine, but there are no
death panels in that.

** Quote: "Only a tough, messy confrontation now can prevent a disastrous war later on."
>> The problem is everyone's looking for a "good" solution.  There isn't one.

** Similar to fighting Leftism, I think.

** Wow, this is a must-read.

** STD gonorrhea has developed some strains totally resistant to antibiotics.  And yet, even with this, people
will STILL "hook up".

** Quote: "They shackle people with their "identity", and then with a feeling of helplessness and ?victim hood. They
then use their power to get elected, sell books, raise donations, or gain influence or power, in short, it is all
about the Benjamins, not helping anyone. If they really wished to help they would shut up, and start looking for
actual solutions to actual problems. But, again, the Benjamins."
>> And votes.  Don't forget the votes.

** The Soviets did this to the people they don't like.  Their wanna-be's here in the US are trying to do it
to Trump, and if they get back in power will do it to all of us.  And how will they manage that?  Not just
the way listed above, they'll redefine reality:
** And when you don't accept that it's perfectly normal to date a "chick with a dick" YOU will be hauled
away for re-education.

** Title: A Nation of Desire
>> Before The People can govern themselves, individuals must govern themselves.  Without that internal
self-restraint, laws must proliferate geometrically to handle the misbehaviors... which is the point of
the entirety of the Left's appeal to the baser instincts.

** Try, just try, to imagine Barackus Rex doing this.  Or Shrillary.

** Fundamental to a SCIENCE is the idea of testable predictions.  This is a FAIL.

** Title: Milton Friedman: This is Why Free Markets are Miraculous

** Viking ancestors SCREAMING to Odin "Let us go down there!!!"

** What does it take for Europeans to growl and take action?

** ANTIFA cheer when a disguised pro-Trumper paraphrases Hitler.

http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/07/sick-cnn-lies-protect-violent-rioters-beat-journalists-torched-cars-attacked-police/ http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/07/trump-killed-g20-wouldnt-know-unless-read-foreign-press/
** It's like they don't think Conservatives can use the internet.  Related:
http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/07/ny-times-expose-trump-jr-nothingburger-another-big-yawn/ http://nypost.com/2017/07/09/the-times-expose-on-donald-trump-jr-is-a-big-yawn/
** The enemedia are seditious traitors.

** Now, just imagine if a Christian - anywhere - had said that what a woman wears justifies their being
raped, especially a child.  But hey, it's a Muslim, so who cares?

** Speculative, but interesting.

** The cracks in society are not only showing, but starting to enlargen.  More:

** I have been saying FOR YEARS that Obamacare's purpose was to so screw things up that Single Payer could then
be presented as "the only sensible alternative".

** Don't just boycott them; let them know you're boycotting them so long as they advertise on the "Very Fake News Network".  That's critical -
http://ninetymilesfromtyranny.blogspot.com/2017/07/this-graphic-proves-cnn-is-cancer.html http://100percentfedup.com/cnn-caught-lying-time-peaceful-protests-hamburg-video/
** "Presstitutes".

** The difference between "D" and "R".

** Having children changes you; unless you're a complete moron your perspective shifts towards the longer-term.

** Interesting speculation, but things do seem to "line up".  Related:
** Quote: "People voted for Brexit for one overwhelming reason. They wanted to get their democracy back by
restoring the UK's sovereign power over its own laws and policies. By this attempted coup, the Remainer-ultras
are showing their contempt for democracy."
>> They truly believe they are the Philosopher-Kings, whose towering intellects and education entitle them to
override the rule of The People.  Same in the US.

** The Left has doubled and trebled down on obstruction.  They are domestic enemies at this point.

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