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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Any Questions?

"Borrowed" from WRSA


  1. Hate to say, but repubs are either too scared of muslims, too scared of not being re-elected, too lazy, or just too plain stupid to be congress critters. Or maybe the repubs are really just an extension of the socialist democracker party. I'm leaning to out of touch elitist assholes that should be voted out of office with extreme prejudice.

  2. "All of the above" Tim. Well, the fear of "not being elected" is flawed. I hope the people that voted Trump in will help others in their states and districts vote worthless bastards such as Mitch McConnel, Paul Ryan, Lindsay Graham, John McCain, etc. out of office. It is shameful that the RHINOS have both houses and the presidency and seem unable to drive a greased peg up a goat's ass with ten pound sledgehammer.


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