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Monday, July 17, 2017

I've been on flights like that

A person "passed gas" Sunday afternoon on an American Airlines jet forcing all passengers to deplane. The incident caused nausea and headaches and complaints from passengers that they felt "ill".

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  1. Someone ate too much saurekraut before their flight?

    My 1st wife used to make the worst smells when she ate onions that had been cooked certain ways. I dropped her and her mom at the airport once for a flight cross country.

    The MIL was being unpleasent and so I pointed out to the wife over lunch at the airport that the soup of the day was french onion... which she loved but always avoided if she was going to be in public.

    The wife's gas hit shortly after take off and people complained and asked to be moved away from them.


  2. Hi Irish,
    Un pressurized aircraft going to high altitudes will do that!! Welcome to the wonderful world of "Trans Gulch Airlines!!!" Old School Skydivers worked the process into an "Art Form!!!" Picture if you will a Saturday night at the "Rumbleseat Tavern" at Old Elsinore... Everyone is drinkin' Beer, tellin' jump stories and someone suggests a "Round Robin!!" (Start at one bar, drink a beer, go to the next and make it around the lake and back to where ya' started by 2 AM) Along the way, "Dirty Ed" and Kevin Donnley are besides drinkin' Beer, eating "Pickled Eggs and Pickled Pig's Feet!!" We make it back to the Rumble seat, shut it down then go to the "Club Cafe," an old Truck stop, all night diner over on old Route 71 for a "Steak and eggs Breakfast" to which the "Dynamic Duo" polish off with a "Bowl of Chili and a Root Beer Float!!!" We all go back to the Dropzone and get a few hours of zzzzz's till sun up and plane call for the 1/2 price "Early Bird".... Kevin and Dirty are in the back of the plane, smiling.... they let out a teaser or two on the way up but save the "BIG ONE" for the lineup before we jump and then "BOOOOM!!!" Someone yell's,"GO!! GO!! GO!! Dirty and Kevin just S#!T!!!!!" Needless to say we cleared the plane in record time!!!!!!!!


  3. I've been on car rides by myself and had that happen! ;-\


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