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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What can not go on, will NOT go on. GO READ

I know we all "Preach to the choir" here but all this stuff needs to be kept in the light. Can you imagine what is still in the shadows? Taxi Hack hits another homer with this post I linked below.

According to statfinder, the readership of The Feral Irishman is up. Thanks to all who stop by. IF you are new here OR if you missed it, Go read his post "The Pig Trap" which is linked in the first sentence. You won't be disappointed. 

Stay safe.

If you have read my post The Pig Trap, you know of my absolute bewilderment at the current state of our country. Our government is utterly lawless, just making shit up as they go along, creating regulations and executive edicts to bypass the Congress and the Constitution, committing crimes in the furtherance of those goals, and nobody ever gets in trouble, unless he screwing someone he shouldn’t be, and nobody ever loses their job or goes before a judge, and most importantly, nobody seems to give a fuck. Everything is just fucking dandy, as long as we can binge-watch Girls and Entourage on HBO GO and Katy Perry’s next single doesn’t suck and that hot chick from Club Plush texts me next week…

GO READ IT ALL HERE  ( Tell him Irish sent ya) 

Then go read THE PIG TRAP


  1. I truly like his idea of the 100 in the street.

    1. Not only is it a lovely idea, I believe it to be quite true, and realistic.

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