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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Stereotypes Are True I See.....

 From TMZ

Harrison Ford Crashes Plane:

A small plane piloted by Harrison Ford has crash-landed at an L.A. golf course ... but we're told the actor has survived. 
TMZ has learned ... Ford was piloting what appears to be a vintage 2-seater fighter plane Thursday ... when something went wrong and he crashed into Penmar golf course in Venice, CA.  
We're told Ford suffered multiple gashes to his head and was bleeding. Two doctors who happened to be at the golf course rushed over to treat the actor. ( my emphasis)
Emergency personnel arrived to the scene a short time later. Ford was transported to a nearby hospital. 
72-year-old Ford is a longtime aviator -- piloting planes and helicopters -- and has crashed multiple times in the past. 

Story developing ...


  1. he didn't use the force.......

  2. Was he attempting the Kessel run again?

  3. So he crashes what appears to be a Ryan PT-22 Recruit, a 70 year-old Army pilot-training aircraft. There's got to be a message here.


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