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Monday, March 2, 2015


Compiled and submitted by AFOI


** It's only a Conflict of Interest when it's "bad" money and interests.  File under
"Standards, Double".

** Interesting.  And I'll add... what happens when the US government and military are so focused on
domestic issues that the world collapses in chaos... and a resurgent USSR or ambitious China decide
to push the button while we're distracted?

** Comcast, et al, BUILT THE PIPES.  They, therefore, have the right to control how it is used.
** AHA!

** Quote: "The net neutrality rules don't sound so bad. And maybe they'll stay that
way. But I wouldn't bet a dime on it."  >> I wouldn't even bet one dime.  Or a
penny.  I do not trust that traitor, Barackus, to do ANYTHING except work to
undermine, weaken, and eventually destroy America.

** Quote: "It's hard to imagine something more inappropriate than this."  >> That the
thought crossed his mind?  I can see.  That he actually thought it through and still
did it?  It just shows how utterly corrupt academia has become.

** The New York Times reprises its roll as traitors all, once again advocating on the part
of America's enemy.  Rope. Tree. Journalists. Assembly.  Related:
** Bread and circuses for the masses.  What they don't know, they can't think about.  Related:
** "Standards, Double".  Another:
** Quote: "So even if Walker is utterly vindicated, it doesn't really matter..."  It will be non-stop like this from now until the
election or Walker drops out.


** Quote: "Make [Barackus] veto stuff. He hates having to take an active role. And if Harry
Reid tries to run interference even in the minority, then go nuclear. Harry already crossed
the nuclear threshold - make them pay."

** Yet they're worried about the Christians.  I call this a defensive use of Displacement.

** Video.

** SHUT UP!  They explained.  Remember, these people - Watermelons - are MISSIONARIES.
They don't care about facts, debate, logic, or civility.  They want to win BY ANY
MEANS NECESSARY.  More on that:
** I had, once, someone online thunder at me: "May God have mercy on your soul!" This
is Inquisition territory.

** VERY interesting quote from a Lerner email.  Of course, we could have an email from Lerner
saying Barackus initiated and approved her actions, and the MSM would still yawn.  Quote:
""No one will ever believe that both your hard drive and mine crashed within a week of each
other," is practically an open admission that Lerner and other members of the IRS were
engaging in a deception to conceal their correspondence from investigators. Questions to be
answered now include how high up the chain of command the malfeasance runs."  >> I wonder
what other gems are in there; I imagine a few people are sweating bullets now.

** Malignant narcissist.

** The shooter said "I targeted them because they were Jewish."  Video.  But, per Barackus,
this is just some random folks, targeting random people, at a random store.  Just imagine
if someone shot up a black-owned, black-food-centric store (whatever that means), who said
"I targeted them because they were black"... would that be passed over?  NO!  It would be
condemned - and RIGHTLY - as an act of pure, horrible racism.

** Black lives don't matter to liberals; just their votes.

** Quote: "The many verses in the Quran vilifying and demonizing Jews far outweigh the few
verses cautioning Muslims to respect the "people of the book.""
** And yet my relatives STILL say they don't see it.  Will they see it when the Molotov
cocktails splash against their houses and people yell "Jews out!"?

** IN THEIR OWN WORDS they scream they are a danger to the west.

** The people in the much-larger demonstration, those not Muslims themselves, are under the illusion
that since they are "enlightened and good people" they will be spared the slaughter.  They literally
cannot consciously grasp the nature of what they're protecting.  And - playing amateur psychologist
here... this seems to me like a case of Displacement.  As I understand it, when you are terrified
of something over which you have no control, instead of being afraid of IT, you find something you
CAN affect, and get angry at THAT.  For example, to borrow an example I read on drsanity.blogspot.com,
you can be crossing the street with a friend and notice that a bus is speeding toward you.  You grab
your friend, screaming at them to come along before the two of you get hit... and they get angry at
you for grabbing them and being loud even though the bus is in plain sight.  Related:
** Quote: "And as far as both the Muslims and the Left are concerned, like Israel, the world would
have been a better place had Western civilization never existed and they are doing their best to
put theory into practice."  >> Again, this truly baffles me.  The Leftists ally with the Jihadists
against the West, seemingly clueless that those same Jihadists will turn on them when Western
Civilization falls.

** The UoW ASKED Walker to do what he did.  But the damage is done; millions of LIVs will now
go into the 2016 elections believing this crap.

** IRONY ALERT!  (Don't need an ID to vote for Obama, but need an ID for Obamacare.)

** Univ. of MN bans using race in description of suspects.  People are going to die because of this.

** Embedded quote: "The U.S. Air Force has a quarter of the number of fighter squadrons it did 25
years ago and two-thirds of the active duty airmen, a drop that threatens U.S. air superiority,
defense officials told lawmakers on Friday."  >> ISIS on the march, Putin nibbling Ukraine with an
eye on more, China building a base to threaten (if not outright attack) the Japanese islands, Iran
close to going nuclear... I remember back when the Cold War ended and all the Lefties were going
nuts about the "Peace Dividend" that would result from a slashed and no-longer-needed military.
I shook my head then.  I'm terrified now.

** Thou Shalt Not Question The Deity.


** Just wait until this comes to a mall near you.

** This is about the planned and deliberate destruction of America by diluting and supplanting the
native population.  Nothing less.

** Quote from Biden.  Sad part, he's right about the LIVs and welfare moochers who just want
to play games and get handouts.

** They assign a BLIND MAN to search through the emails?  How nakedly "up yours" can that get?

** Quote: "Those who advocate for this "net neutrality" plan, which is still secret, should be careful
about what they wish for: they just might get it."  >> Never mind the risks out outright suppression
of speech, which I think is a clear and present danger... even just the disruptions of service that
will happen is a problem - but it's a problem because those who supported this WILL NOT CONNECT

** ALL GOOD, but this is, IMHO, the key nugget; quote: "Liberalism fills the missing space once
inhabited by religion and the family. It provides a moral and ethical system as religion did and
the accompanying sense of purpose and its state institutions replace and supplant the family."
And another point:
** Quote: "There's also the fact that societies in decline have lower fertility rates. This has been
understood for a long time. In good times, people have more fun and that results in more babies. In
bad times, there's less fun and fewer babies. It's not just material good times or bad times either.
Periods of material wealth, but spiritual decline can push down fertility rates. Iran is the an
interesting example of a society with a very low fertility rate, despite modestly improving material
wealth."  >> Steyn is correct: Demographics is destiny.

** Quote: "CNN/government propagandists unmasked.again."  >> Rope. Tree. Journalists. Assembly.

** Strong words, and I agree.

** Quote: "Obama and members of his circle have repeatedly held forth Communist China as a
model to emulate. This will inevitably apply to wielding the new power they have seized
under the Orwellian euphemism "net neutrality.""  >> An excellent point.

** A fascinating embedded quote (with link below it): "If you're a younger scientist, you know that, if you cross Mann and the other climate mullahs,
there goes tenure, there goes funding, there goes your career: you'll be cut off like Briffa's tree rings. I've been stunned to learn of the very
real fear of retribution that pervades the climate world."

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