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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Never A Good Idea To Try And Wedge In Front Of Tractor Trailers....


  1. Hahahahahaha.............Im a truck driver and i always wanted to do that to those dumbasses that think they own the highway.

  2. looks to me as if the trucker thinks HE owns the highway...Fuckwit.

  3. Being an old truck driver he probably could not see the ding bat move over in front of his right front fender. That driver of the 4 wheel skate board is damn lucky that truck didn't go up and over them... that would ruin their day... and I too as well as every truck driver out there has had that happened to him about 10+ times a day...

  4. the car driver was clearly in the wrong. they didn't leave enough space, slowed down in front of a faster moving and heavier vehicle. dang lucky to have survived.


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