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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

GOP leadership promises one thing to get elected and then caves on the BIGGEST ISSUE of the election,,,,,,,,

all the while subverting the United States Constitution. They should be arrested and tried for treason. Jeff Sessions is one of the few in Washington that has guts enough to call them on it. Today's headlines should read Bohner and the majority of the GOP Caves! "A Day That Will Live in Infamy" read more

As a diversion to this colossal goat mating I expect the obola administration/batfe to recant their stance on the M885 "green tip" ammo ban and the rhinos to take credit and say something like, "in order to keep .223 ammo from being banned we had to give a little on the immigration issue".  Most of us know it is ALL posturing. Sure there may be two parties in name, but their goals are one and the same. Remember this. It matter not how one votes, the end result remains constant.

Reichspropagandakommisar Greenwood could not be reached for comment.

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