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Monday, January 12, 2015

Some Links To Keep You Busy.....

Busy day at the bunker... Here's some reading for ya.

** Wild Bill video.  Right on!

** Six times the Obama administration said its job was to promote Islam.  Related:
** Who is there?  And who is NOT?

** Delaying the inevitable.

** Quote: "Why no fuss?  It is brown people killing other brown people. The killers "don't know any better" because they
are brown and therefore judged under a different, lower standard. The victims don't count because they too are brown and
the MSM can't pronounce their names."  PRECISELY.  PRECISELY.  EXACTLY RIGHT.  Since it can't be blamed on
the "stock eeeeeevil white oppressors", it's a non-event.  Consider the recent slaughter of 2000 people by Boko Haram;
IN ONE EVENT they killed as many as the Palestinians *cough* "reported" killed by Israel in the last conflict.
Outrage?  Horror?  Cue crickets in 3... 2... 1... (chirp chirp)  Why, because it's only blacks killing other blacks.
Not politically useful.

** Cockroaches.  Except they're not going to scurry.  I know one of their authors (not personally); Gilad Atzmon is
the STEREOTYPICAL "self-hating Jew".  And yet, for all the hatred and undermining of his own people he spews, if
he were caught by a Muslim he'd have his throat slit the same as any other Jew.  Related:
** Quote: "It's must be something to have to look in a mirror as a Liberal "Jew" and see that you stand with those who
are your enemies & want your ass dead."  The problem is that they don't recognize it.  They think that because they're
"good Jews" they'll be immune.  They'll simply be saved... for last.  More on the Arab-Israeli conflict:
** Excellent graphics.

** The Elites will fight it, but The Peoples of Europe are getting it.  Related:
** Please understand, I do not WANT to see more innocent people dying.  But for a LOT of Leftists, the ones who
are not TRULY "gone" mentally, when the slaughters start in their own neighborhoods it's going to become very
difficult to not start grasping the problem.  WE. ARE. AT. WAR.
** What's she drinking?  Send a case to the Left.  More:
** Just look at the fuss raised over this guy who, as I understand it, spoke in the same building where a racist group was also meeting.
There's no evidence he spoke TO THEM, their program confirms this, but he's under enormous pressure.  Yet who is invited to this event?
Someone with STRONGER ties to terrorism.

** Quote: "What is less obvious to me is why liberals aren't more inclined to defend the right of people to be critical of all religions.
Why aren't they more interested in why Islamic ideas so often manifest in violence? Why do the practitioners of these ideas find themselves
in clashes with every culture they touch (Jews, Hindus, Christians, and all others)? Seems like a tolerant liberal would be phobic about
the stoning of gays or the institutionalized dehumanization of women that's rampant in "moderate" Muslim nations - forget radical Islam."
But to admit that Islam does these things, broadly and widespread around the world, while other faiths do not, would mean breaking the
fundamental Leftist belief that all cultures are equivalent.  And THAT would undermine everything the Left believes.  They can't even
admit their fears to themselves:
** Quote: "It's absolutely not true that the New York Times cares one whit about the religious (or otherwise) sentiments of peaceful
families in Brooklyn. If they did, they wouldn't run so many depictions of anti-semitic caricatures in stories about anti-semitic
caricatures. Or of blasphemous anti-Christian art in stories about blasphemous anti-Christian art. Or of gross ethnic and racial
stereotypes in stories about gross ethnic and racial stereotypes. When the New York Times wrote about Catholic outrage over an art
exhibit that featured a "black Madonna with a clump of elephant dung on breast & cutouts of genitalia," that story featured a color photo
of the art in question. Heck, it still does. Right there on the web site."  Because Christians and Jews don't, oh, go into offices and
start shooting, to pick a random example.  But AGAIN, to consciously admit they are afraid of one religion and not the others would
force the acceptance of un-PC thoughts.

** Quote: "He said he thinks dire global warming predictions are really all about lassoing federal research funding and votes."  Speaking
the truth... because he's retired.

** Seriously?  Seriously?

** Every critic of the police should be forced to take this course.

** When prices at restaurants spiral upwards - as they will - and people lose their jobs because of decreased revenue and profits - will
ANY of the LIVs connect the dots?

** Violating the Shibboleth that men and women are physically equal.  They are not.  Does that mean women cannot be soldiers?  Of course
not.  Their participation is vital.  But in situations where things can get hand-to-hand brutal - as is often the case esp. where the
Marines are concerned - we do a disservice to everyone by lowering standards.

** Quote: "No other American President has ever been so partial to Islam and Muslims as Obama and it is not beyond the reach of logic
or the imagination that he too is a Muslim."  Being a Muslim is not a crime per se.  But it is the height of deception if he is - and
there is certainly a lot of circumstantial evidence! - and lied about it.

** Fantastic cartoon.

** Taqquiyya - lying in the service of Jihad.

submitted by blog friend and reader, thanks!

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