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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Oprah and "team" to march in Selma for Martin Luther King, Jr.

Along the way, and in Dallas County particularly, I hope she and her "team" take notice of how Martin's dream of equality was squandered and how three and four generation blacks and whites have since been hamstrung by complacency and apathy which are the by-products of  a failed welfare system (aka. LBJ's "Great Society). The quality of life for blacks and whites living in rural areas (urban too for that matter) is so much lower now than than it was in 1965. Yes, they have EBT cards, subsidized housing, utilities, Medicaid (soon to be obolacare), obola phones, gold dental bling, 22's on their rides,  etc. but few of these recipients have two parents living under the same roof, a chance for a career other than crime or drawing a .gov check, a chance to own a decent home, and high probability of being killed before reaching old age, etc. I hope this makes you "feel good" Oprah. 

The article is lame, but the comments are interesting. Click here to read them. 

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