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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Some Links To Keep You Busy....

** Yes.

** The Masters hate it when the proles get uppity.

** Are heterosexual marriages pinnacles of sweetness and light?  No.  But, as Thomas Sowell notes, traditions are
the distillation of generations of wisdom.  Yet Leftists seek to replace what has been developed over countless
time with what sounds good in the moment.

** I think I hear a low humming sound from MLK Jr's grave as he spins at high RPMs.

** Flip this.  Imagine the outrage if they'd named the head Beagle - or whatever it is - of the KKK to the board.

** The bigotry of low expectations.

** Disgraceful.  Utterly disgraceful.

** If Jeb does, indeed run, look for the MSM to be in full hoover mode... up until he gets the nomination nod.  Then
he will become the devil incarnate.  It happens every single damned time.  Yet the RINOs in the beltway, somehow,
think that THIS time it'll be different.

** What are they drinking?  Send a case to the panty-waisted typical American (Leftist) Jew.  Related:
** Quote: "It is merely an unpleasant refrain from one of Jewish history's leitmotifs. Running through the Exodus to
the Book of Esther and the Nazi death machine is the idea that the Jews are becoming too powerful and need to be
brought into line or destroyed."  Exactly.  Those pesky Jews - how dare, DARE, they be able to have self-
determination and protection.

** David Horowitz has a special weight - having been born into a "red diaper" family, and raised & weaned on the Left.


** The tighter the multi-culti leaders and media push, the angrier the people are going to get.  All that's
"needed" are another few incidents, and I suspect the actual skirmishes will start.
** Quote: "The jihadist murderers are dead, after killing five more Parisians, but many Westerners, long drugged
by bad ideas and received wisdom, continue to sleepwalk through the war against jihadism. This means that after
all the brave words and feel-good marches, little significant action will be taken to prevent such atrocities
from happening again."  Which means it WILL happen again.  And the native Europeans will get angrier, and angrier.

** Quote: "And yet western "leaders" vehemently refuse to listen to these critics. Worse, they even allow creatures
like Mahmoud Abbas to attend (which didn't impress Hamas), and ignore the disgusting, phony "tributes" Turkey and
Hamas set up. All that does is deliver signs they don't want to learn lessons, because their obsessions are too
dear for them."  EXACTLY!  EXACTLY!  The entirety of the Left's belief system would come crashing down if they
admitted that not all cultures are the same, because it would force them to make decisions of good and bad.  Which
brings up this PHENOMENAL essay yet again:
Regurgitating the Apple: How Modern Liberals "Think"
** THIS IS A MUST-READ for anyone who struggles to understand the mentality of Leftists.

** Thomas Sowell - insightful as always.  And one key quote: "For Obama, the question has never been how to stop
Iran from going nuclear, but how to stop Israel from stopping Iran from going nuclear."

** Very informative, and in the end useless.  Why?  Because Leftists "reason" from feelings.  Facts are irrelevant,
if not actually dangerous, and serve to undermine the Leftist world view.  Since that can't be permitted, facts
are ignored.

** This is interesting!

** Muslim mayor tells Jihadists to F off.  EX-CEL-LENT!

** The more laws against "Islamophobia" that get passed, the more underground the anger will go.  People
will plot, people will plan, and it will explode out.

** I was in Dearborn in 2008.  It was like a foreign country driving around.  I can't imagine what it's
like now.

** Barackus Rex is a lying sack of sh!t.

** If this were a black store in a mixed-race neighborhood, it'd be race-race-race-race-race all the time.  And did we mention
it's a black-owned store?

** Excellent video on Islam.

** Quote: "Obama's strategy of minimizing the terrorist threat hasn't cost him much so far, but if there should be another
significant terrorist attack in the U.S., a lot of chickens will come home to roost."  This is very insightful.

** Not just not in France.

** What should have happened to Risen:  Trial.  Conviction.  Public hanging with the corpse left to rot outside the
NYT HQ, his skull mounted on a pike to glisten in the sun as a lesson to the next ten generations of journalists,
forced at gunpoint to stare into the empty eye sockets for a full minute every month, what happens when you commit treason.

** Quote: "Who in the Middle East wants to reach out to America when his motives will be questioned by the very civilization he admires? Does the
U.S. reach out to Tunisia in the manner in which it courted the autocratic Recep Erdogan's increasing Islamist Turkey? If non-Westerners without
the affluence and security of the West pine for a chance at our values, what does that say about rich, safe, and smug Westerners who pooh-pooh
their admiration?"

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