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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Some Links For The Overnight To Keep You Busy.....

 Summitted by blog reader  "D" who adds this personal heading:

I am noticing - in a totally opinionated way - a dramatic uptick in "good stuff" that needs to be passed along.  I have a gut feel that in the next year or two things are going to get markedly different, globally.
It could be a China-attacks-Japan-drawing-
in-the-US thing, or Russia/Ukraine-or-someone, or Israel attacks Iran with Saudi & other help, or, or, or.  But I have the sensation we're approaching an inflection point in the world.  There are far too many piles of flame-ready tinder around the world, and far too many people playing with matches - both domestically and globally, for something to not catch fire.  And once one fire starts, it'll spread.  And I fear - FEAR - the accuracy of the line from "The Hunt from Red October"....

"Things are going to get out of control, and we'll be lucky to live through it."


All links are below the fold, feel free to add your thoughts in the comments >>>>

** When the fecal matter hits the air motivator during the INEVITABLE economic collapse that's coming... all the
precious snowflakes are going to have a real problem.  Watch for them to go full fascist in their desperation.

** One by one the doors are being closed.  Degree by degree the water's temperature is being raised.

** Pam Geller is in-your-face, but she's got stones the size of an asteroid.  And in this graphic she asks a very
pointed question.

** Is there anyone above the age of ten in the WH?

** Somewhere MLK Jr is spinning so fast he's threatening to go past the speed of light.

** What would be perversely delicious (in admittedly sad way) would be if one of the protestors, hurt during a protest, died because of another
protest.  Understand I don't actually want that, but... karma'd be a real b*tch then.

** I don't understand that there is an attraction; but, OK, let's assume it's there.  Are you at the level of an animal that you have to indulge
it?  I need a shower AND brain bleach after reading this.  The YICK factor is off the scale on this one.  But given the trend of gay marriage,
after that, polygamy, paedophelia, and incest.  The slippery slope exists, and is real.

** Quote: "By doing it this way, CNN can pretend he left to "spend more time with his family" or whatever, instead of owning up to the fact that
some journalists at CNN are anything but objective and forthrightly addressing the issue."  More:
** I suspect his "sin" as far as CNN was concerned was not being anti-Semitic, but in being caught.

** Quote: "Even Obama himself admitted during his press conference with Cameron that there is less than a 50/50 chance Iran will abide by the
restricitions Owe have placed on them in order to lift most sanction. Yet, Obama's response to congress? Hold your fire."  >> At what point do
reasonable people conclude Barackus wants Iran to get nukes?  Related:
** The picture makes an incredible claim about Barackus' 2009 Cairo speech; I've not heard this before.

** Video.  This Brit pulls no punches.

** Let me be clear; it's not that I have an animus against gay people.  I've known several openly-gay people, been friendly with a few,
and - in my youth - been propositioned by a couple.  (Sorry to disappoint with my explicit "no thanks".)  And I understand that they
CAN form couples with loves as strong as any good hetero couple.  And I have no objection to there being some kind of legal framework
of protections.  What I object to is the apparent demand to not only accept their lifestyle, which I do even if I have no interest,
but in forcing societal sanction of it.

** It's always, always, always Israel double-standard time.  Can we PLEASE pull out of, and stop funding, this cesspool called
the UN?

** Who is the enemy?  Republicans.  Not ISIS, not Al Qaeda, not China, not Russia...

** Drinking the koolaid?  Mainlining it is more like it.

** Quote: "Any time I think America can't possibly be stupid enough to (insert whatever stupid thing the government is considering), I
remember that we voluntarily banned legal consumption of alcohol for 13 years."  >> It hasn't gotten any better.

** How about "government employees investigated to see if they have three brain cells"?

** Can someone please buy the GOP a spine?  How many times does the GOP have to get whacked by the Tea Party for it to sink in that being
milquetoast doesn't win elections?

** The sick joke is that we elected this guy in the first place.  And then sicker that we re-elected him.

** In the liberal neighborhood where I grew up I'm still on the email listserv; they're all complaining about the price of electricity and NOT
ONE brought up Barackus' promise.  Since the board is explicitly non-political I couldn't post anything.  Still, the utter cluelessness was

** Misreatment of Jews is the "canary in the coal mine" that a society is collapsing.  Now, I'm not OKing mistreatment of others - by no means.

** Cut off the benefits and let's see how fast they get going.  I was born metabolically-challenged.  I gain weight WALKING BY the bakery
department.  Am I chubby?  Yes, and I'm working on it.

** I know it sounds like a laughing matter; it's not.  In college a male friend was, essentially, drunk-sexed into unprotected sex with a
woman.  Fortunately no pregnancy.  But he didn't want the "action" and was a nervous wreck for months until it turned out she was not pregnant.

** Quote: "Tell me who the racists are again."

** I started to doubt the whole thing when I learned that data and methods were concealed and critics silenced.

** Vile.  Disgusting.  Horrific.  Yet... crickets, because they're "only brown-skinned Muslims".  If they were, say, white men, or Jews, doing
this - outrage!

** Easy to be generous with other peoples' resources.

** France, and the story of the young Jewish man kidnapped and tortured to death over 24 days.

** Victor Davis Hanson; a brilliant mind.

** Funny cartoon about wind energy.  Here's the thing: I'm in favor of green energy, but only when it gets to the
point where it doesn't need "incentives" to be profitable - which I believe it can reach.  I am also very scared
about the impact on wildlife; in particular, on birds like raptors, endangered bats, etc.

** I want to revisit this.  First, again... YICK.  Second, notice the mentality: it's all about ME.  ME.  ME.

http://www.timesofisrael.com/pm-nixes-unity-government-with-zionist-camp-party/ http://www.blazingcatfur.ca/2015/01/17/ontario-liberals-break-the-law/
** The Left: lies and deception and illegality are foundational, no matter what country they're in.  (Not excusing
the Right - they do their fair share too, but for the Left it seems to be genetic!)

** Sooner or later these "lone wolf" nutballs will start succeeding.  And we're going to have a very hard and focused
conversation.  A whole bunch of them.  Related:
** Embedded quote: "The Prophet himself faced violence and verbal ridicule from individuals, but never used harsh words
or physical force in return. It's his example that I'll continue to follow."  >> A number of things here:
1. First, let me praise this Muslim's desire to stick to reasoned words.  Huzzah.
2. But... Mohammed "never used harsh words or physical force in return."  I almost lost my coffee over that.  But think
about this.  So long as Muslims are able to state this (assuming it's not Taqquiyya, i.e., lying) with a straight face,
they have not owned up to the violent history and scriptures of their religion.  Only when the acknowledge, accept,
and want to reform the interpretation can we start trusting them on a fundamental level.
3. There's another facet to the above quote.  Let's assume this person genuinely believes this.  In this bubble-world
understanding of his faith, he can and will get justifiably angry at the distrust and anger at his co-religionists.
Thus, at some point, he will conclude "I might as well go 'lone wolf'", just as a faithful husband, continually accused
of being a cheater, might shrug his shoulders and say "I might as well if I'm going to always be accused of it."  Then,
as he dives deeper into the actual text of the Koran, he will see the actual violence within - and face a choice.

** The GOP Elites are going to pretend JUST ENOUGH that they've put up a fight.  The GOP is going to fracture.  As soon
as the Tea Party puts up some serious energy to be perceived as a viable replacement - that's right - replacement and
new home for Conservatives, watch the GOP deflate like my outdoors Santa balloon when I turn off the power.

** I understand the political aspects of this advice; the problem is that delays also have a price: steps closer to a
nuclear-armed Iran.  I say this:
** Make Barackus own it.  Pass the sanctions, force Barackus to own it, then Barackus will call Tehran to say "You
can come out now, it's safe, I've stopped the eeeeevil Republicans" - and watch Tehran spit in his face again.

** Quote: "For years, established political parties and the mainstream media have done everything to undermine a genuine
debate on the rising threat of militant Islamism in midst of European societies -- and even today continue to do so. Where
our political mainstream has failed us, far-left, far-right and neo-Nazi groups have been quick to materialize."
>> PRECISELY.  And the harder the governments squeeze and the more the MSM clucks and lectures, the more underground the
protests will go, and the deeper the anger will become, until it explodes out seemingly from everywhere.  I have NO doubts
that, across Europe, anti-Muslim groups are working out plans and secure communications.  More:
** A very good piece from the UK.  Read, especially, the part about how a Muslim being interviewed WOULD NOT ACCEPT
that his scripture had violence...  See the comments above about the Canadian Muslim journalist.  Again: until Muslims
come to grips with this and reform themselves - search for "Sisi's Islam speech" - we run the risk of this essay
coming true:

** Before Barackus' election, American Thinker had a great piece hypothesizing about "What if Obama really means America
ill?"  I wish I could find it... because pretty much everything they predicted is happening.

** A must-read about the destructive effects of every form of Marxism.  Here's the thing, though... Leftists imagine that
"This time" it'll be different.


** A very insightful, insider's account about her attempt to write about Islam.  And here's a critical quote: "Islam,
as practiced from Malaysia to Morocco, is a shame-based, patriarchal culture that values honor and face-saving from
the family to the public square."  Which brings up one of my favorite bloggers who has, alas, gone Galt:
** THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST-READ TO UNDERSTAND ISLAM.  And, I just saw this one in the sidebar:
** This is fascinating, because I've noticed this in my attempts to debate the Left.  Online, I've been
criticized because people don't "like" my comments - and actively tell me they'd "dislike" them if they
could.  I've been reported as "racists/homophobic/bigoted/
etc." when I dare to question ANYTHING.  And
in looking at thread histories, everyone on the Left "likes" everyone else's posts.  I once actually
asked, in reply to being told I should rethink my comments in light of nobody liking mine... "What is
this, high school and a popularity contest?  Debate me, answer me, cite your own evidence."  Which, of
course, gets crickets.

** If this were a GOP sweetheart deal it'd be 24/7 news.

** Quote: "No civilization can be destroyed entirely by external forces. The Western elites, intelligentsia,
media, Western multi-cultural relativism, false narratives about Faux-istinians, and a general misuse of
language, have all operated like a fifth column for at least fifty or sixty years."  >> There's a great Bill
Whittle video - can't find it, dammit! - that mentions the fall of Rome and how Rome "fell" centuries before
it actually collapsed... because the leadership gave up and focused on hedonism, pleasure, and feathering their
own nests.  Sound familiar?  And one of the links cited:
** Solid recommendations.  At issue: Leftists could be being held down and slaughtered, bombed in their own
homes, etc., and I have a feeling they'd still deny the problem.  They're pathologically ill.

** Wow, very good.  Socialism is popular because it appeals to weakness, to sin, to ENVY and SLOTH.  It uses
WRATH at those who are successful, it destroys a culture of progress through self-restraint by appealing
endlessly to LUST and GLUTTONY.

** This, from the Left, is instructive.  Notice how dismissive it is of concerns about power, about the debt,
about the "phantom menace" of anchor babies...

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