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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Introducing.... Lepa Dinis......

I saw her is a  sidebar pic over at ANODTOTHEGODS and had to do some google-fu...



  1. No no no. That's the future Mrs Jester. ;)
    Though on a serious note those that have stated women can't get tattoos seem to be way behind the times. It appears she has it set up so that if she wore "Business professional" she would not show an inch of ink and be able to work anywhere nearly. Some good stuff there though, both in photography and ink ;)

  2. You are the Sherlock Holmes of hooters my friend!

  3. Real good idea having the instructions right there on her back. push it in, pull it part way out. repeat as necessary! ha ha ha ha

  4. Wonder just how much of Dad's tuition money went into those god-awful tats? Best of luck explaining them to serious admirers in the future.

  5. I bet she was hot before she ruined her skin with those nasty tats.

    And from now on they'll look nastier and nastier as they blur together.


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