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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Couple Must See Videos On Immigration....



  1. I had to stop watching the first one because he was making me so cross; for a long time in in Europe there has been a history of going to work abroad but sending the money back home. Mostly this is young people but when I was 18 a long time ago, working part time in Hotels, many of the staff were double my age from European Islands working as bread winners. I have subsequently visited some of these Islands and have found that their subsistence farming cannot sustain the community in a modern world. I did and still do admire them, and they didn't ask for a penny of state help.
    This helps alleviate poverty at home but gives essential skills in the host country, and everybody wins. And then you retire back home after building a house in annual increments, which I have also witnessed.
    And by the way, a terrific blog you have too!

  2. This is the most important issue for Americans, yet it's not talked about by anyone - except me!!
    "Someone" decided to give our everything away. And no one even asked us.
    And then they have done all in their power to make you into a horrible bigot for even bringing it up.
    Fuck I hate them.


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