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Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Documentation of the Downfall of America....

Watch the volume for language....

This is both sad and disgusting at the same time.......


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I’ve seen my fair share of out of control kids in public, but THIS kid takes the cake. Outrageous footage shows a little boy running wild, spitting on customers, and downright terrorizing an entire Chuck E. Cheese’s with no parents in sight.
UPDATE: A video compilation featuring all the clips of the menacing little boy has been uploaded. Be aware, this video does have NSFW language as onlookers react to this kid’s bad behavior.


  1. I would've put that little bastard in a headlock, until one of his parents came along and then punch the living shit out of them.

  2. Him and his sorry excuse for parents all need a good ass whoopin.

  3. a real shame... his "parents" should be charged with child abuse/neglect.Kid's probably gonna get killed by the age of 15, if he hasn't done some killings himself. Agree with George, kid should have been restrained until parents were located, and they should have been invited to leave and NEVER return!


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