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Monday, February 10, 2014

Adrenaline Rush....


  1. Hi Irish,
    It'll be 50 years ago this May the 8th that I launched off the step of a Cessna 170 at 2800' on my first "Static line" Sport Parachute jump. 'Got almost 4 seconds of "Air Time" before the Canopy caught air!! 'Seems trivial compared to what you see here. Jebs' Dive didn't happen overnight. It started out as a "Dream!!" There's a statement posted at the end of an old Carl Boenish Skydiving movie that says,"Happy are they that dream dreams and pay the price to see them come true!" Cruise you tube, you'll find it. Take along a 12 pak, who knows, maybe you'll get,"The Itch??"


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